Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money, Power, Success and You

Life is the best teacher. Circumstantial adoption of a tricky situation, and using it in a smart way…is the key to achieve Money, Power, Success. 

Many methods are there…online money, currency exchange, money exchange etc…question is, how to use it, to dig the Gold?

Money making is certainly essential, and good. But same time…it is risky too. You can see many people around you who are rich; influential…but there are not happy.

It is true that money is not everything, but, certainly money plays a great part…in sustaining the loss.

And you have come to a conclusion that…Money, Power and Success will solve all your problems. You have got everything…yet you are not happy, why?

Fear of losing all this is chasing you continuously…filling your mind with negative thoughts. You start knowing about currency exchange, online money. You start designing foolproof strategy to create… money, power and success...just

  • Sit down 
  • Concentrate on an object 
  • Stay quite, without any disturbance 
  •  Keep a blank look 
  • If different thoughts are troubling your mind, do not fight to stop, accept it 
  • Be extremely careful…Stay Awake

Answer yourself, honestly, do not cheat- What do you want? What is Success to you? Do you think that if you posses Money and Power, you will become happy…go for it. Take it seriously, learn every part of making money; investment etc.  Some people say that investment is risky…it is. Because it is not investment  which is risky…it is you ignorance, lack of financial literacy is risky, dangerous.
·         In the process of becoming successful…

  • Stay in the moment
  • Do not imagine and become happy 
  • Achieve first
Never accept any fake happiness. Do not live in Eldorado. Fantasy might appear attractive…but it is not real.  And to understand, what Happiness is…
  • You have to Meditate
  • Through Meditation, you can concentrate, on your goal 
  • This concentration will give you real happiness 
  • It gives your mind a right direction 
  • It controls false temptation

Energy, power energy, solar power, electric power, power in society, any power; any Energy is a product of an extremely powerful MIND. Yes, you mind is the key, your Mind is the answer of your all questions.

Money, Power and Success never solves your problems. It is always your mind which solves your problems. It is your mind which brings happiness to you.  You mind has to be very strong.

  • Mind is cunning too 
  • It might take you in a wrong direction 
  • It might become dangerous 
  • It might destroy you as well

What to do? The answer lies in Meditation. Only meditation can give you a healthy mind. Meditation teaches you how to control your mind…which is very essential for you. Your mind should never control you. It is always you…You should control your MIND.


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