Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meditation, Mind Control, Frustration and You...

There is no harm if you are frustrated.

Your frustration is natural. It helps, in your growth. It challenges you; to grow further. In a frustrated mood; you are bound to commit silly mistakes. It brings irritation, along with. In an irritated mood; you fail to take wise decision. 

Frustration captures your intelligence. You cannot think in a proper way. There are many breathing exercises; to control yourself when you are irritated. Do all those exercises. Yes, exercises helps in a big way. Sometimes it works like miracles. Daily exercises keeps you fit; you can keep your mind in your control. 

Mostly, in a frustrated state of mind; your mind becomes out of control. And your mind starts controlling you; and this is the place when your adversity starts looking at you. You come in a miserable sate.  

Sometimes life becomes difficult to live. It is a serious matter. You have to be an observer. If you observe yourself closely, then you will find that…all through your life you have been controlled by your mind. 

Start controlling your mind. It is possible; but it is difficult too. Your mind is conditioned. You have never lived a free life. So many complexes you are carrying along with you. How you can live with such heavy load. You have to unburden yourself.  

Frustration comes to you because of your own mistakes; you keep committing in your life. Committing mistakes is natural; everybody goes on committing mistakes, never be afraid of committing mistakes. Mind it... it is a contradictory statement. 

At one place I am suggesting that your misery is because of you have been committing serious mistakes in your life; and again I am suggesting that do not be afraid of committing mistakes. Apparently it looks contradictory…actually it is not. 

You have been committing serious mistakes throughout your life; because your mind has been taking decision for you; not you. Your mind has been controlling your all decisions, throughout your life, start controlling your mind. You have to control your mind; your mind has to behave as per your wishes. 

Mind is cleaver; to keep you in its control; it goes on showing you false notions; which appears true. Sometimes in Meditation too; your mind creates a situation where you start believing that your meditation is working; things are becoming clearer to you; you feel a peaceful mind…that is simply a false notion. 

That is why sometimes in a meditative mood; when you sit at one place for hours together, and when you come out from your trance; you feel relaxed; quit…that is false notion; after few days you come back to the starting point, again; and again you start meditation…and this goes on. 

You have to understand yourself. This understanding is needed. The day you start controlling your mind; the day you start living through your entire body; your entire perception about life will change. You will start committing mistakes, with an aware mind. 

Mistakes are part of life. Everybody commits mistakes.  Decisions, which are taken from an aware mind, is blissful. And in a state of bliss too; you will keep becoming frustrated, sometimes.

But this frustration of yours will be entirely different. It will be a simple scratch. Scratches are needed; if you wish for a smooth surface. Mind control is a must. 

There are many techniques to control your mind; whatever techniques suits you, to control our mind…go for it. Do it. This doing is Meditation. Here, in the process of doing something; something will happen. And the day this new happening awakes you; an entire new word will be before you…to live with. 


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