Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meditation- Life and You...

Have you ever met life? 

To meet life; just stays original. No plagiarism. Do not follow anybody. 

Listen to you. Stay alert. Just float with moments. Feel cosmic vibration. This is meditation. This is life. 

Whatever thought is coming to you, accept it. Do not start judging of it authenticity; just accept. Accept it as it is. Keep floating, no efforts. 

Become a witness of happenings of whatever is happening to you. Stay awakened. Do not try to shape your future. Allow your future to come to you. 

Stay in tune with the Universe. Perform this simple exercise-.
  • Move inside you. 
  • Listen, what your silence is telling you.
  • Your silence is, asking you, not to go anywhere. 
  • Stay here. 
Whatever you want from your life, it is lying here inside you. You do not have to go anywhere. Your happiness is within you. Stay in tune with the Universe. Hear the song of the nature. Dance with cosmos. Stay fulfilled. Stay bliss. 

Remember, in a state of bliss too, your stress will keep coming to you. You cannot get away with your mundane problems. Frustration will come to you. Failure in life will come to you. A broken marriage, broken relationship will keep coming to human life. Al sorts of stress which you have been facing, will come. 

The only difference in a state of bliss is, here you are awakened. In a state of bliss, you are aware of cosmic mishaps. In a state of bliss, you are not affected. Here you are walking through the lake; without getting wet.  

To understand life you have to understand you. To understand life, understand you first. And to understand you, meditate. Meditation is the answer of your misery. 

Misery in human life is unavoidable. Learn how to tackle your misery. To tackle your misery, accept your misery. When you are accepting your misery, stay awakened. 

Your mind keeps thinking, scheming new planes all the time. Your mind keeps you occupied all the time. And this is the reason of your misery. This is the reason of your stress. You have no time, you are busy. You have no time to look at you. You have no time to stay in tune with the nature. 

Start talking to the trees. Start hearing the wind. Stay in tune with the nature. And wake-up. Wake-up and enjoy your life. Wake-up, and see yourself; all mysteries of life getting unfolded before you. 

When no mystery of life is left before you then; for the first time you will meet life. Creation of human life is Almighty's master stroke. To enjoy the beauty of life, wake-up. 

You are sleeping. It might appear to you that you have woken-up. You are not. You are still sleeping. You are living your life through your mind. Start living your life through your entire body. Feel the sensation of your entire body. Move into each and every part of yours staying alert. You feel fresh. 

You will feel blessed. You will be in tune with Universe. You will understand the Law of attraction. You will attract the Universe. You will attract the Nature. You will start floating in a moment. You will meet the Cosmic silence. 

You will start talking to you. God resides in you. You will realize that you are in conversation with the Almighty. You will realize that God has created you with immense power. 

Do this and meet Miracle. Meet The Almighty. You will realize that to achieve anything in life you have to just look within. You will realize that you are the conqueror. 

And you will realize that towards Happiness just now you have taken forward; The First step...