Monday, September 29, 2014

Mother; Meditation; You...

Mother is always felt. This feeling is within. The Mother might be painted. I have no words. I feel strange. I feel numb; I feel dumb; I might not be able to write on Mother. Here words fail me. To me; Mother cannot be described.

What one can write for Mother? Mother is beyond description. Any description is beyond expression. Mother is feeling. And this feeling is always touching you. And this touch cannot be expressed; at least through words. Mother is eternal; and eternity cannot be described.

Though you know that eternity is there; but eternity cannot be described; eternity cannot be measured. Mother is a Goddess. And Goddess cannot be described. You might describe God; you cannot describe Goddess. Keeping in her womb for nine months; nursing you; finally mother gives birth. And you meet existence in The Universe; for the first time. 

Mother feeds you; you did not know how to open your mouth. When you grow; your first duty is; you must take care of your Mother; like a baby. And if you are unfortunate; and could not take care; or looked after your Mother; then whoever God is there in The Universe; do never forgive Him/Her. 

Yes, you can do that; if you worship; if you surrender yourself to God; under extreme pressure; then some unfortunate time this moment come in your life; where you are entitled, you are capable; of not forgiving God. The Almighty might not be seeking your forgiveness; for His / Her unfortunate misdeeds to you; ignoring His / Her deeds; start ignoring Him/Her; start ignoring God.

Mother is everything. Mother is you. Enduring so much pain for you; drinking and digesting poison for you; she keeps smiling; no complaining from anyone; even from The Almighty. The Mother keeps smiling. The strength of a Mother has no match; simply unique. Describing Mother is not possible. The creator is Mother. Nature is a Mother. Your breath is Mother. Your very existence is Mother. 

Wherever you are going in life; you are carrying your Mother with you; Her image is always with you. Remember you are your Mother’s shadow. Whatever duty you have been given to perform on this earth; if you take care of your Mother and if you could keep her happy; think that your mission is accomplished; you are the lucky winner; thanks Almighty for giving you this opportunity; and helping you in performing this most sacred task. 

Yes, you're, the most sacred task is; to keep your Mother happy; under any circumstance, come what may, fights it out; and keep your Mother happy. Her happiness is your breathing; your life; you; yourself. Everyone has to go one day; after performing his or her task; when you go at least  this satisfaction will be with you that you kept your Mother happy; you looked after her; like a baby; like a father. 

There are many examples of blessed sons or daughters. A Mother cannot be compared; she is priceless. Everybody wants to be happy in his or her life; remember your Mother is your happiness. Mother is Meditation. A Meditation on Mother is considered to be the ultimate point of the meditation; just meditate on the concept Mother; and stay blessed. This blessing, which you receive after meditating on a Mother, is supreme; Mother is Nirvana. The Mother is the highest point of Mother; highest point of meditation. 

Enlightenment is Mother. Celibacy is Mother. Blowing wind is Mother. Your nourishment is Mother. The Mother cannot be described; no words; less words. How you can describe Mother into words; that is not possible. Yes’ this is true; Mother can only be felt; Mother cannot be described. You cannot measured sky; you cannot describe sky; how you can describe the sky. Mother is sky. 

They say; sky is the limit. I say Mother is the limit. The unlimited form of goodness; kindness is Mother. No one can pay back to his or her Mother; you simply cannot; this is beyond your means. You can just try to keep her happy; under any circumstance. Yes, Mother is priceless; there is no price attached. Mother possesses supreme power. 

I do not feel like stopping today; I do not know what to write today. Your very existence is carrying her with you; behave normal; feel blessed. And keep going on your journey ahead; marching ahead on your Path. 

Mother is beautiful. Beauty is Mother. Mother is strong. Yes; another name of the word strong; strength is; Mother. Mother is powerful. Happiness is Mother; Mother has many names. The Mother is the protector. Yes, Mother protects. Sometime when you are sick; and not getting cured; merely a slight touch can inject life into your existence; remember merely a slight touch; and that slight touch is divine. A slight touch from your Mother; and you are cured; no sickness can ever touch you again. 

When nature protects you; nature is Mother. Mother is supreme; Mother divine; or Mother Divine in the capital, there stands no question mark. There are many names for Mother. Feeling a Mother in an awakened state is bliss. Meditate on you; you are a part of your Mother. Mother is kindness. The Mother is the word Help. 

Mother is known; Mother is unknown. Mother is eternity; you go on writing; describing it won’t come to an end. If one end comes; another takes birth simultaneously. Description of a Mother is endless. That is why Mother cannot be described in words. 

I do not feel life finishing today; I do not know what to write today. Mother; Mother Hood can be felt; which is divine. Mother possesses supreme power. The most beautiful gift to you from almighty is your Mother Another name of Creation is Mother. I do not wish to stop today; I do not know what to write today; I do not know what I have written today. 

The Mother cannot be replaced. And when she goes finally; when she departs for her divine journey; after her death do not bother her; do not remember; and disturb her. Merely fragrance is there; collect it. Keep it with you; only fragrance; no memory; it might disturb her. Set her free do not hold her. Mother is divine. And divinity cannot be possessed. Possession is always claustrophobic; do not close. Do not hold her memory too tightly; do not possess her; when she goes; when she departs; set her free...

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meditation; Krishna; and You…

And that mischievous smile; knowing all; omnipresent; past, present and future; The Creator; Romance begins with Krishna; Flute; stands for the music; dance with Gopis (Krishna’s girlfriends); Sudershan Chakra (Whirl); stands for power. Destroyer of the evil; creator of the evil; Krishna is with good; Krishna is with the bad; Krishna is extreme happiness; Krishna is extreme pain, sorrow: Krishna is with holiness; Krishna is with sinners.

Krishna said: "Surrender to me; and I shall save you from all your worries". Krishna said; 'surrender to me'...this me is 'my'. To you it is always 'you'; Krishna is saying "Surrender to me; surrender to 'I'; that is you; here Krishna is asking you to surrender to you. And without understanding Krishna; without understanding what he is saying; you started searching peace; Love all over the world. 

Krishna is unique; like, it is mentioned in the holy book, that; once during his early childhood prank; once stole the cloths of Gopies, (his girlfriends addressed in Hindi) when they were taking bath in a river, and he himself climbed on a tree; teasing and asking them to come out like that and pray to Lord since they have made the water dirty; and after their much persuasion he gave their clothes back to them.

And in  a similar incident; when helpless  Draupudi, warrior Pandava's wife, called him for help; Krishna protected Draupadi's honor. Krishna is strange; Krishna is beyond description, You can only understand Krishna when you meditate on his shapeless image; concept. Krishna is Krishna; beyond understanding; very easy to be understood. 

You started searching Krishna in temples; you started searching Krishna in books. Krishna is simply asking you...'Surrender to me'. Krishna is simply asking you; that you should surrender yourself to you; "I am always there inside you". And without bothering to look at you; you are searching Krishna in books; in temples. Krishna is within you; look within; have faith in you; fight your battle alone; and the victory is yours.  

Krishna is provoking Arjuna for war; Krishna is taking peace mission to Kauravas. Krishna is the destroyer; Krishna is the savior. A unique concept; a unique personality; a unique reality; known; unknown; is Krishna. Krishna is the door; Krishna is supreme. 

Krishna has no beginning; Krishna has no end; how to begin; how to end? Krishna begins with a question mark? And only Krishna is the answer. Krishna cannot be described; Krishna is beyond description. Krishna is unique. Krishna is all over; there is no such place where Krishna is not there. Knowing all; the creator; keeps playing with you; you cannot catch Krishna.

Cast a deep glance within; and Krishna are there; within your reach. Just stay wherever you are; and meditate on Krishna. Meditate on the flute music; Krishna is famous for playing flute; Meditate on Sudershn Chakra (whirl), Krishna always carried. Meditate on Peacock feather, which Krishna wears on his crown; Meditate on that famous mischievous smile; knowing all; Meditate on Krishna.

Krishna is a circle; all angles are equal; absolutely nothing is missing. Meditate on Krishna; and you will miss nothing. Meditate on zero (Shunya); Krishna is zero; Creations begin with Krishna; Creation ends with Krishna. Only Krishna has accepted; accommodated evil and goodness both as it is. Nothing is left. 

Krishna is a unique amalgam of Good and Evil. Both are important. In The great Epic Mahabharata; When Krishna is asking Arjuna to go for a war; he is simply asking him to perform his duty; dropping all his knowledge. He knew the outcome. And when a wicked king Duryodhana order for Krishna’s arrest; when he had gone to him on a peace mission from Pandavas ; Krishna shows him his real identity…entire Universe was within him. 

When the queen Gandhari accused Krishna of defeating and killing all her sons; Kauravas; evils; Krishna answers here; making her aware of the fact that who killed them; who killed those evil was He; and who were destroyed; whoever were killed; they all belonged to him; actually it is he who was killed. He was the killer; and it was he who got killed. Krishna is unique.

Krishna is a contradiction; Krishna has the solution. Krishna is questionable; Krishna is the answer; Krishna is with moments. Each and every moment is new; hence Krishna is always new; tuned; in-vogue. Krishna is unpredictable; Krishna can happen anytime anywhere. Krishna is bondage; Krishna removes obstacles; 

Krishna is beyond normal understanding. To understand Krishna; simply meditate on Krishna; Krishna as a whole; because only Krishna is complete; whole; accepted everything; accommodated everything; He has not left anything outside; He has accepted everything; Outside is Krishna; inside is Krishna. 

Birth is Krishna; Death is Krishna. Krishna is the universe. That is why in Hindu religion Krishna is called The Supreme Lord. Knowing all; the creator who always wears a strange; mischievous; enchanting Smile. 

Pain is Krishna; balm is Krishna. One can go on writing on Krishna. Krishna never ends; because Krishna is the end; Krishna is the beginning. Only Krishna can be the killer; and only Krishna can be the killed too. 

Krishna is the beginning of Romance; Romance started with Krishna. Love started with Krishna. Krishna is love; Krishna is romance. Meera is in love with Krishna; this irked her husband; the king. And the king kept asking Meera ‘are you mad; with whom do you talk, with whom do you laugh?’ Meera looked mad to normal eyes; in fact Mira was the only sane person in her Kingdom. 

When asked by the King about Krishna; she answered; “Krishna is here; right before me; I can feel him; he can touch me; Krishna is here; you are not here; tomorrow you will not be here; Krishna is here.” Meera was right; Only Krishna is here; Krishna is now. Krishna is mad; Krishna is normal; Krishna is eternal. You cannot get away; even if you wish to get away from Krishna; Krishna is refused; Krishna is acceptance. 

That is why Krishna is unique. Krishna has no shape; Krishna has many shapes; it depends; how you would like to remember him; in all forms he is there available to you. Krishna has given you a choice to choose; the way you remember him; if you do not remember him then too; he is there for you. 

Only Krishna is Truth. Because Krisna is lying also. A unique concept; a unique imagination Krisna is full; compact; complete. Radha was in love with Krisna; Radha is in love with Krishna. The Radha is in love with whole Krisna. She has not left anything aside; she has accepted Krisna as it is, good and bad, better and worse, holiness and sin both, plus and minus both. She has not differentiated and chose Krisna in parts; she has accepted Krisna as a whole. And that is why whenever Krisna is remembered; he is always known as Radha-Krisna. 

Krisna was a warrior; Krisna was an escapist too. A unique example of staying in a moment is Krisna. Krisna is momentous; and that’s why whenever you are staying in a moment; and you are floating in a moment; you are floating along with The Krisna. 

The word oneness; the meaning oneness; is Krishna. Only Krishna is capable of creating, doing anything; hence he is called The Creator. It is not easy to accept evil. Every religion says evil is bad; discard evil; if you do evil you will go to hell. Only Krishna has accepted evil too; he has created evil too.

And if Krishna would not have created evil; the survival of Saint; Good was difficult; it was not possible to create good and leave bad behind. If Good has to survive; bad has to be there. Repercussion; results of both good and bad are also created by Krishna; it is up to you to choose.

Meditate on Krishna; and the day Krishna enters you; and the moment this realization comes to you that Krishna is within you; that very moment you are liberated; free of all bondage; all the best- 


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Friday, September 26, 2014

Meditation; Shiva-ling; and You…

Have you ever seen Shiva-ling; Hindus God deity? This is not religion; this is ahead religion. This is a fact. Without any cloths, of knowledge, simply a necked fact. Shiva-ling is based on Parvati's (Devi) Vagina; here male organ is based on a female organ. It starts with The Sex... 

In Hindu religion; it is said: “Satyam; Shivam; Sundram”, it is in Sanskrit. This means: what is factual; is beauty; and what is beautiful; is a truth; and What is a truth; is Shiv. 

Creation starts from here. Hindus of those eras; were enlightened. Whatever they depicted through symbols; were not religion; they were not religious; rather these were ahead the bondage of any religion. Truth is not religion; truth is ahead religion. Depicting fact; without any fear is indeed courageous. It needs awakening. And Hindus of those were courageous; they were ahead religion. You have to address with them with a name, you need words; and they were called Hindus; they were ahead religion. 

Depicting The Beginning; The Creation through symbol; making it obvious; through a simple language, where no words are needed; because words have their limitations; and they were depicting something fact; which is eternal; hence they have to use the symbol; to depict; to say; to tell the fact of Creation. 

Look at Shiv-ling; these are human organs; male sexual organ-female sexual organ. They are together; and they cannot be separated. There cannot be any other symbol of togetherness; there cannot any other symbol of oneness; depicted in such a beautiful way. This is the great ant extremely unique symbol of Oneness. 

Shiv- Parvati (Devi); they are not two; here male-female are not two; here they have become one. This is the most extreme form of Tantra; Meditation; where a moment comes when you become one. Everything is lost; everything is dropped; only Oneness is there. The word Creation started from here. And this is how the universe begun. 

This was; rather this is The Beginning. So simply and aptly this is depicted in the form of Shiv-ling. Shiv-ling is an extreme form of meditation; everything is accepted here. There is no division of good and bad; there no division between holiness and sin; entire universe; entire nature is accepted here. 

Shiv-ling; The Silence is depicted; this silence is easy; this silence is extremely meaningful. This silence has drunk entire noises; absolutely nothing is left out-side. There is a story that once, “during a divine churning session, Nectar and Poison both came out. Now all religious, devoted people wanted Nectar only, nobody wanted to accept Poison. Now there was a competition; what has to be done with The Poison? It was a big question mark; what is to be done with The Poison? Then Lord Shiv came to the rescue; and Shiv drank entire poison; and got it settled in his neck". And that is why other names, Shiv has many names, of Shiv Is ‘Neelkanth’, it means; person who has absorbed Poison; too.

Shiv-ling is silent; Shiv-ling is based on Parvati’s Vaginia. This is the unique amalgam of togetherness; this is the unique amalgam of oneness; this is the unique amalgam of silence. This silence; this togetherness is the starting point of humanity. Meditate; Concentrate on Shiv-ling; and entire mystery of the universe will be unfolded before you. 

There cannot be any more beautiful; an apt example of Oneness. This Oneness is unique; this oneness is truth; this oneness is eternity. This one is beautiful. This oneness is whole. This oneness is a circle. Where all are equal; where there is no end; where is no beginning. 

Hindus of those were enlightened; there was no religion; only truth prevailed. And that is why; thought of depicting a truth in such a beautiful and complete way; occurred. Entire universe; along with it all mystery is being said to the universe in such a simple; compact form; complete form; it was possible only when the entire creation, along with its people, human being; they all were enlightened; awakened. 

Those were the era; where only truth prevailed. And Truth is powerful. Because truth is complete. Shiv is complete; he is always with Parvati (Devi). You cannot imagine Shiv without Parvati (Devi); and you cannot imagine Goddess Parvati (Devi) without Shiv. This union is unique. This union is sacred. This union is truth. This union is beautiful. This union is complete. This union is eternal. 

Understanding of Shiv-ling is not possible in one birth. It needs many births to know the meaning. Here knowing the meaning will be a wrong word; this meaning of Shiv-ling cannot be known; this meaning of Shiv-ling cannot be understood. This meaning of Shiv-ling can only be felt; and that needs just a jiffy. Look at a Shiv-ling; and do not do anything. This simple looking at Shiv-ling is not easy. This is not easy to simply look at Shiv-ling; it needs vision; it needs silence, complete silence. Here everything has become one; here there is no dualism; everything is one. Here everything is here; now; here there is no past; here there is no future; here everything is here; now. 

Look at Shiv-ling and you do not need anything more; only Shiv. Look at Shiv-ling; and that very moment you are complete. 

But you have to look; just a simple look; and that simple look is your entire existence. That simple look of yours is You; that simple look of yours is Shiv. And the day you become Shiv-ling; nothing is needed anymore. It is quite possible to become Shiv-ling. It is quite possible where there is no division; only you. You have to be aware; you have to be awakened; only then it is possible. Do not sleep; stay alert; meditate staying awake  

Shiv-ling tells depicts the truth; the fact; Shiv-ling depicts beauty. And the day, looking at Shiv-ling you become Shiv-ling; and the day you are finally accepted; that is the moment of no return; you have become Silent. And in those moments of Silence; you are no more there. You are accommodated; you have been Accepted. And finally, when this Sacred acceptance happens to you; there is no rebirth for you; best wishes… 


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meditation; Buddha; Jesus; and You…

You can converse with Buddha. You can converse with Jesus. You have read their books; and you have gathered knowledge. And after possessing such great knowledge; there is no peace; there is no happiness in your life. 

They are continually talking to you; they are continuously indicating your path; but your attention is somewhere else in their books; in their audio tapes discourses; in Churches. And the day you understand Buddha; nothing more left to you; the moment this awareness of, understanding Buddha; Jesus happens inside you; that very moment you are liberated. Liberation is already there with you; waiting to be exploded. 

What the Buddha is saying; what Jesus is saying is their experiences; which happened inside them; they are sharing that knowledge; rather those moments with you. Mark my words; it can happen to you; it can explode in you; if you are awakened. 

Look at your breath; move with your breath; go in, come out; along with your breath; and while doing so, do not bother for the result; do not wait for the result. Just keep moving with your breath. 

The Buddha renounced everything; his family; his kingdom. The Prince became a beggar; wandered all over; kept meditating; and finally one day under a tree, tree of wisdom at a city named Gaya in India, he met the explosion inside him. Finally, wisdom exploded and this awakening in him. 

Buddha; Jesus, they became a fountain; and the everlasting nectar kept flowing out; unnoticed, it kept flowing. You have to merely collect this nectar; rest work Buddha; Jesus has done for you. You do not have to make any effort. Buddha and Jesus has taken the pain on your behalf; you don't have to do anything; you do not have to make any effort; you do not have to renounce anything. 

Yet, some people; some yogis, some mahatma tell you to renounce; you do not have to renounce. Stay wherever you are; stay with your family; keep doing your mundane work, you do not have to renounce anything; that part of renouncement Buddha and Jesus has done for you; you have to just collect the nectar; and that’s all, your wisdom is waiting to be exploded. 

You go to Church; you follow Buddha; and from this place onwards you misery starts. Going to Church  or reading Buddha is not wrong; your way of collecting it is not right; because whenever you go to Church; or whenever you read Buddha’s books you are not there; bodily you are present in the church; your existence is not there. 

You are listening the sermon; but you are not listening; your mind is listening; let your ears do the listening part; you are thinking that you are listening the sermon; you are not listening. You are reading a Buddha book; but the eyes are not reading your mind is reading; let your eye do the looking; reading job. You have to be completely into this; half heatedly work will not do. 

Buddha and Jesus are merely indicating your path; you have to walk. They are telling their experiencing; what happened to them, ad verbatim; it happened to them. Buddha has continuously indicated  towards you what is happening inside you; it is you who has to feel; others will not feel for you; it is happening inside your way; Jesus is continuously telling what is happening to you; you are supposed to understand it, nobody else will or nobody can understand it for you. It is always your understanding. 

What happened to Buddha; whatever happened to Jesus; this awakening happened to them; and they are sharing their experiences; and when this understanding; this knowledge; this realization comes to you then it will be your awakening; not others. And after that whatever you will be saying you will be saying tour experiences; your way; Yes; it is always your way. 

And this is the missing point; you start following. Nectar is exploding inside you; and you are in search of others story what happened to them; what they are saying. And Buddha; and Jesus is indicating towards inside you; "look there"! And without understanding the direction; you kept on running in a wrong direction; without understanding it.

And this what has been happening since ages to you; how you will get peace, how you will be happy. You have to stop running in the wrong direction. Understand what Buddha is saying; what Jesus is saying; there is nothing wrong in their teaching; wrong is you. And the main problem is with you is; you are never here. 

Do this simple exercise; start staying in a moment; float; do not use any force. After sometime you will find that deep inside you; you are silent. Talk to your silence. And the day you start communicating to your silence; you will find that you are talking to Buddha; you will find that you are talking to Jesus. 

Law of attraction certainly holds water; Attraction attracts. I have come across something interesting;  to make this path more lively and useful...       

Yes; You can converse with Buddha; you can converse with The Jesus. Buddha is continuously talking to you; yes; Jesus is continuously talking to you; you have to listen; just listen...and stay blessed. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meditation; Life; Death; Celebration; and You…

Life and Death; both have to come; celebrate both. Accept, Life and Death; as it is, no alteration no adding is required, just accept as it comes to you, as it is; and celebrate.

When acceptance, becomes a compulsion; your wishes apart; you have to accept it; then the word Expression loses its value; loses its to express? 

How to express this is a big question mark? Life happens; Death happens; there is no other way; you have to accept. Whatever form it is coming; you have to accept. When there is no choice; when everything is preset, pre designed; and when nothing is left to you; then Accept. 

There is millions example; where it is said; that you can design your life the way you wish; and to prove this statement examples are sighted; to convince you. And after getting convinced you start your journey to set your life; if you are successful, it is all right and, if you are not successful, then you are devastated, your life is finished; it is ruined.

Where was the mistake; now another journey starts; you start finding your mistakes, so that you can take note of it and next time you will not commit this mistake. Fine you are satisfied now; you found out your mistake, you have corrected it. Again, with a new vigor; your next journey starts…and when the end come; you are at a total loss.

What to do; to live such a beautiful life you have to make so many efforts; just to live your life happily. Your result is out; and when your death come and stand before you; then that time you might realize that so much chaos you created all through life; for what? 

Have you died happily; satisfied? And it is yes for you; you think you have performed your duty correctly; you have made savings for everybody; you have settled everybody’s life; now you are happy, and now you can happily die.

And continuing that moment; another thought strikes you; ‘are you happy’; did you live fully each and every single moment of your own life; have you ever laugh with full laugh; did you ever talk to the wind; did you ever converse with the nature; and finally; you could really make others satisfied, happy, settling into their life? 

When you could not live a single moment of your life; when you could not settle your own life; how do you claim that you have made others life happy? Duty; scarifies these are ugly words. You cannot live for others; how you can live for others? You can only live for yourself. 

Everybody come with their own destiny; future; you cannot alter it. And you have spent your entire life in altering others life; and your own life kept passing by; unnoticed? You could never understand; you never felt your own life; how will you celebrate life; how will you celebrate death?"

Yes, life is a celebration; Death is a celebration. You have to accept both as it is; the way they are coming to you. And the day this understanding comes to you; then, whatever way your life and death is coming to you; it will not affect you. You will be far ahead; untouched.

And that particular untouched moment of your life, where you are untouched from mundane happening, is your real life; full of health; full of life; do not miss it; live it fully. 

That is the moment of nirvana; this is possible through Meditation. Meditation disrobes you completely; and it is necessary. Unless your entire structure, which is false; full of duty, sacrifices, etc. unless this is taken away from you; unless your knowledge which you have gathered till now is taken from you, nothing will happen. You have to be disrobed completely first; and meditation does this job with perfection. 

Your entire structure has to be shaken; and when this shake happens then only you can feel the shake inside you; which is a great shake. Go with that shake, which is happening, inside you; and you will find yourself; celebrating your life; you will find yourself celebrating your death. 

Here is continuous celebration is your life; inbuilt. This celebration of your life consist of everything; good and bad, sin and holiness, beautiful and ugly, plus and minus everything is consisted in proportion; correctly measured; you do not have to do anything. You do not have to do anything; you do not have to add anything; without your permission correct measurement of yours is being taken. 

And on my journey ahead; I came across something very interesting; which will help you when you are practicing Meditation...  

Almighty is a unique scientist; without your knowledge, without your permission He / She has taken the correct measurements of yours; you do not have to add anything extra; you have to simply float in it; with total acceptance. Be there in your life’s celebration; and when death knocks at your door; it will be another beautiful celebration for you; all the best... 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meditation; Comedy of Error; and Fear in You…

The Error is bliss. An error; the mistake was committed; punishment was given; expulsion was ordered; and The Universe was created. And the comedy began. 

You stayed awake in the Garden of Eden; and the moment The Universe was created; you slept again. Some of you, sometimes; you are awakened; and then you go to sleep again.

The Error is important; the mistake is important; and you are afraid; and that is why you are scared before taking any decision. You are afraid of taking decisions; you are afraid of committing mistakes; unaware of the fact that this mistake of yours might be a turning point in your life. Commit mistakes; do not get scared. 

Your fear will keep you wavering all the time. And a shaky mind can never lead a stable life. Before your expulsion from the garden that this is going to happen; and out of fear you might not have eaten the forbidden fruit; and the result this Universe might not have been created. 

An error; a mistake was the root cause of creation of this Universe. Fearlessness brings many things; which can help you in enhancing your life; so never be afraid of committing mistakes. To learn; to grow, you have to commit mistakes. A child learns how to walk after committing many a mistakes; the child learns to walk, after he falls. So you must stumble and get up; in order to keep walking. 

And to keep walking; do not be afraid of committing mistakes; error. This will make you fearless. Fearlessness comes through meditation. Meditation first drops everything in you; and when you are nude in darkness; meditation brings light to you. And in that light for the first time you see you. 

Life itself is a comedy; and the error is its tool. Here sometimes you laugh; and sometimes you weep and the life keeps moving; you too; move with the life; keep moving with the life; and this fear of committing error will go away. You are not sure of anything; you can never be sure of anything; because you do not know what is going to happen next moment; The Universe moves in a mysterious way.

And to enjoy this mystery you have to be fearless. And this fearlessness comes after committing an error. A shaky life will lead you nowhere; you have to be firm. And this firmness comes after meeting an error. In a comedy; sometimes you weep; sometimes you laugh; some time you are right; sometime you are wrong and the life keep moving. 

Your education; your lack of knowledge; has got nothing done with error; if you are a learned then too you are bound to commit error; after knowing everything; you are bound to commit mistakes. And when an error is woven so seriously in your life, then why to be scared of committing mistakes?

This fear comes because you are not certain of anything; and you are not certain of anything because you do not know that what is going to happen next moment in your life. 

The great president, before starting his journey, did not know that he is going to be shot. The coming moment is a mystery to you; your life is a mystery to you; this universe is a mystery to you; and in such mysterious situation error is bound to happen. And when something in your life is so sure to happen; then why to be scared of this. Yes, committing errors in awareness is something mysterious; meaningful.

And when you are on your path marching ahead; so many things you will meet on your way; like I too have picked one very nice and useful method; and what is that...

It is a very rare state; when you commit an error in full awareness; knowing about it; you commit an error; and that particular point, where you commit an error in awareness, is a state of Bliss. Enjoy comedy of life; meet error in awareness; meditate; and live your life in Bliss.