Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meditation, Suicide, Stress, Happiness, and You...

And you are not listening to God's calling. And you are not happy.

You have everything in your life, and you are not happy. Something is troubling you. Reasons are limitless for not being happy. Every minute; every second a new reason for not being happy takes birth; and you are not happy. What to do? Somehow you have to be happy. but you do not how.

The more you try to become happy; the more sad you become. happiness comes with sadness. And, the life keeps moving; you do not move. 

You are stuck at the same place finding the reason for becoming happy. You should find the way of becoming happy; now. Otherwise, life will move ahead; it is already, continuously moving.

What to do; just move with the life. Do not stay at the same place and either keep brooding; or keep yourself occupied in finding the way of becoming happy.

You must have seen; observed, that sometimes, in a very affluent family; a very famous person, who has got everything at his disposal, commits suicide? Many celebrities; film personality, sports star; you keep listing the news that out of depression they have committed suicide. 

Now this depression, stresses in life becomes the main reason to commit suicide. You keep wondering; this person had everything in his/her life; they have achieved everything in their life; how come they commit suicide.

If you look at yourself, you will find; that you are the same; you are not less. The same tendency of not becoming happy is prevailing everywhere. You are not happy. You are not satisfied.

Mundane stress, has snatched peace with your life; it seems so. I keep saying this, that; your answer; your solution, is lying within you. 

You are, the question you are the answer. Just you have to look within. It costs you nothing. You have to just look within; and the next moment, you are happy. Your sorrow is gone. Your stress is gone. What a magic. It is miraculous.

And now, your mind starts playing its game; your mind tells you not to believe this; just looking within; it is so stupid, disbelieving. Your mind keeps telling you that looking within is stupid; it is a waste of time. And lured by your mind's instruction you start searching the ways of becoming happy. 

There are many books written on this subject; 'How to become happy and successful in your life?' and sometimes; they are considered best seller books. 

Those author claims that their book have changed many lives. And you find it more scientific. Happiness, Satisfaction, is there in some books; some of them are considered religious.

Now, not following your religion; is blasphemy; this what you have been taught. And, with your conditioned mind; you start searching peace; happiness in books. The result is zero. Aftermath; you commit suicide. And, the chapter of your life is closed. 

The problem with you is; you are running after dead things. Dead things; gives you pleasure. Life; has no meaning to you. Wind is blowing you are not concerned. Wind is touching you; you are busy thinking of someone's insult. You are busy thinking; how to take revenge? 

Your mind keeps telling you; 'unless you take revenge I am not happy'. And, mind has to be happy. your mind has to be satisfied. It is natural; you will be stressed. Now you take refuse in your religion; your God. There are many Gods; every religion has a God. And you take refuse in your God; the unknown.

You start finding peace, happiness in books. Your God is smiling at your stupidity; sitting inside you. God is very kind; very generous. God keeps shouting; yelling at you, indicating; "I am here inside you; come to me".

And you are not listening to God's calling. Because you are busy searching God; in books; in religious places. Stress,  has to come. Unhappiness, has to come. Difficulties, has to come. Sorrow has to come. To get rid of these stresses; you have to accept life first. 

You have to accept life as it is. Do not interfere; the way life is coming to you, accept it. And while doing so, while accepting life as it is; stay awakened, stay alert. and then look within. You do not have to do anything extra for this; simply, just look within.

This power of looking within comes through Meditation. Meditation techniques, how to practice meditation, differs. Practice all techniques of meditation; whatever comes your way, and choose one; the best suited to you; and start practicing meditation.

Meditation is awareness; how to look within? And, in spite of all your stresses, in spite being amid your adversity; the moment you look within; you are happy. Because, the moment you look within, you start a conversation with you; that is self-talk. 

And when you are talking to you; you are talking to the Almighty. No words are needed here; only silence is here. And, amid deep conversation with you, you will get the answer of being happy; within you...