Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meditation, Age, Frustration and You...

To become an ageless wonder; meditate. Age is beautiful. Do not worry about your age. Everybody has to grow old one day.       

Either you have everything or you do not have anything; frustration does come. Frustration is common; whether you are rich or poor; whether you are successful or you are a failure; the frustration comes. Irrespective of your personal status; frustration does come. And when frustration comes; it disturbs you; sometimes it is fatal; it might take your life; you might make some fatal move and jeopardize your life. 

Accept frustration; it is part of the game. Indeed, it is ugly. But to enjoy your life fully; you have to accept frustration. There is nothing to worry about; it is natural. In fact if you worry; it will trouble you more. And to face frustration; Meditate. Meditation gives many things. Frustration becomes fatal, and same frustration can become friendly to you; if you meditate.

Frustration is very natural; in adversity it takes birth. 

God has been testing you continuously; sometimes it does become bitter; frustrating. You have to accept it; do not bear simply accept it. The moment you start bearing your frustration, your pain increases; do not bear, accept it. You are making an effort to suppress your frustration, and more you try to suppress it, more it increases. The more method, techniques you apply to suppress it, or get rid of it; you frustration increases, and here it might become dangerous. 

So, accept it; accept life as it is. Life brings many things; you need awareness to see it. And awareness comes through meditation. There is a saying that says, ‘seeing is believing’; unless you see, you cannot believe. 

The Lord has equipped you with tremendous power; yes, some people have to go through hell sometimes; but God has given you the power to tackle such unfortunate happenings; and this comes through awareness. And yes awareness comes through meditation; meditate. Whatever techniques are coming to you for meditation, use it and meditate.

Unless you are healthy, unless you are strong; how you will face your life which is full of surprises. You are the master; win your race. You can win the race and for that; simply do not choose, except totally; whatever is coming to you, whatever situation life brings to you accept it totally, and face.

It is not easy to do this; it needs tremendous courage; it needs awareness; it needs power to recognize the self. You have to become aware to recognize you. Let frustration come; welcome your frustration. 

Do not worry about your age. Everybody has to grow old one day. Age is beautiful. On the contrary growing age gives maturity; more power. Age is in your control. The Power of youth has got nothing to do with growing age. You can stay powerful; awakened at any age. 

Elixir of life lies in accepting the life as it is; accept your life as it is; it is beautiful. To become an ageless wonder; Meditate.