Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meditaion and Anger; Jealousy; Ego Greed

Meditation and Anger, Jealousy, Ego and Greed
Take a bath... Relax.

Ask yourself a question... Who is the owner, of your body? Who is the master, of your body? Who is the boss, of your body? Who is controlling your movements, is it your mind?

You have entered this planet earth with the seeds of multiple energies. Each and every energy has its own merit. Nothing is bad or wrong. It is up to you... how to use it. And, here lies the problem.

You are always being controlled by your mind. And your mind is full of these energies... Anger; Ego; Greed and Jealousy. Your mind says...'satisfy me'. And you go on doing that.

You should control your mind--You are the boss. This is difficult; usually it does not happen. And this is dangerous. Your entire problems; misunderstanding starts, here. Good or bad; right or wrong... confusion starts here.

Become the owner of you entire body... start controlling it. Do not allow your mind to control you... you should control you mind. Anger; Ego; Jealousy; Greed and desire-look at these energy with a positive look. Take it in an easy way... it is natural. If not handled in a proper way...it can destroy you. You have to make it your positive energy.

Take a plunge... a very careful move. Enter into these energies...remain alert--do no get affected. You have to transform it into your positive energy... take advantage of these energies. Do not allow these energies to take advantage from you. In anger... become angry.

You should not harm others... when you are in anger; jealousy; ego or in a greedy mood. Remember, you are the master, you are controlling your body. your mind is not controlling you.You are merging into these energies... but you are alert. The more you try to avoid it... the more dipper you will get entangled. To merge... you are the boss. You have to decide.

If you are merging... you know how to come of it. Accept these energies into you; absorb these energies into you-it is already there inside you. Acceptance or absorbing will help you in controlling these energies.

Remember, anything suppressed with force, remains there; hidden somewhere deep down within you.
Acceptance; absorbing... anything, while remaining alert; awake... opens a very positive new vista.

Anger; Ego; Jealousy and Greed...these energies can be dangerous as well as friendly also. It you are being controlled by your mind these energies of yours will destroy you. Control your mind. And mindfulness happiness is here. The day this acceptance come to you; the day you realize that... you are the boss-you will create a new road for others too.

This is Realization meditation. You will become one... along with, your all energies... good/ bad; negative/ positive, all. And the day this oneness happens to you... The day you become one...negative/ positive good/ bad will become one.You will become like a circle... no beginning...no end. This happened to Jesus. This happened to Buddha.

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