Friday, September 5, 2014

Meditation, God, Self Believe and You…

Unknown; the unseen is God. Believe is God. What you have not seen; what you do not know is God; The Savior Amid adversity; your last resort is God. And after losing everything you remember God. 

And after losing everything you remember God. Almighty’s the most beautiful and mysterious is human being. God’ unique creation is us.  Believe is God; you start believing in you; and you will meet God. You do not have to go anywhere to witness, to see God; cast a glance deep within and you will meet God. 

This self believes is important; because from here your journey starts. Meditate; through meditation you can reach this state. Self realization; awakening is important. Unless you are awakes you cannot meet God. Realization is God; realization of self is God. 

You have been running all over in search of peace; in search of security; and both are lying inside you; you are not aware of it; because you are running in a different futile direction. God is here with you in this moment; and you are either in your past, or you are in your future; securing your life to become happy. Everything is here; it is always here and now; you do not have to go anywhere to search anything; everything is here within you.

You are busy; you are in a hurry. Stop running, stay here; stay in a moment. Look at your breath; the very breath reason of your survival, look at it; just move float with your breath; coming outgoing breath; do not do any anything extra, simply move with your breath; do not apply any force just keep moving Practice this and see he result; you will find your search ends here; your answer is lying here inside you.

This breath technique is also a technique of meditation; move with your breath. In this process, you are always with the moment; and this technique, staying with a moment, is the key. It is also difficult; because you have a corrupted mind in a massive way. Too much noise you have filled inside you. You have to clean that First. You have to clean you,  so that you can meet God.  Your God inside you is covered with dirt inside you. 

You have to remove the dirt first. And to remove the dirt inside; simply start meditating. Yes, mediation is your answer. Self control; self realization is extremely important. Stop running around in search of God to get peace; deep within you are silent; only this feeling has to come to you.

God, Religion, knowledge everything is in you; you are a unique creation of God.  You have to do this; you have to win the race. Your life is in your control; you have the capacity to mold it as per your convince; and if you have that much power within you; why not use it in a wise way.

The day you realize this self realization dirt will be cleaned; and then you will be able to understand everything. To realize self; you have to become strong; a healthy body, a healthy mind can become your friend. Like you have to solve your own problems; no outside God will come and solve your problems; you have to solve it; you have been built in this way; there is no other way; you have to solve your problem; and for that you have to meet God. And to meet God; you have to look within. 


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