Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Relaxing Music-

Listening to the vibration of eternity is bliss.

Nice tune, a beautifully composed music, meditating through music is called, Music Meditation. This form of meditation is highly recommended.

You do not need to be a musician...it is not necessary to know how to play any musical instrument. But if, you know to play any musical instrument, it is good.

Music is within you... you just have to look at; a very deep penetrating look-- you need to feel it. And the moment you feel it a great shake; a great vibration will occur... become the shake; become the vibration.

You feel like dancing..dance--Dance till you fall or you are completely exhausted. Do not be afraid of falling; fall... and remain there, do not move; do not do anything... remain there.

Listen to a great tune, composed by others, if you cannot compose yourself, goes on listening, close your eyes.

Feel it, sing a song again, not necessary to be a singer-- just sing; whisper sing, perhaps in your bathroom--even if you happened to be a bad singer, nobody will disturb you there-- you do not need an audience... if you are a professional singer; off course you need.

Do not care for an audience, make it purposeless.

Music Meditation is a supreme form. It is very helpful in Yoga Music too Get up early morning-
  • Listen to birds chirpy... go on listening, do not stop
  • Feel the effect of Relaxing Music
  • Feel the wind
  • Look at the sea, listen to the waves... they are singing.
Music has no language; no purpose-- no boundary... wind is blowing; it has a music in it-- it has no purpose... wind is simply blowing.

Join the wind... listen to the waves-- it has no purpose. Your stress will go. Whatever is the reason; whatever is the situation-- your stress will go.

You will feel relaxed; you will feel blessed.

Only you have to prepare yourself-- it is very much there within you; look within... a very deep penetrating look.

Misery comes, difficult time comes... it is a part of life. How you can listen to music when you are disturbed, you should be in a proper shape of mind.

A disturbed mind brings agony; tension-- it will keep you disturbed.

Mingle Music into it... listen to a great tune; listen to bird's chirpy... be with the waves-- your disturbed mind has become musical now... where is the agony; where is the stress?

Now look at the root cause of your problems-- it will vanish. And if, by hard luck you cannot solve it-- you will be able to bear it; you will be able to sustain it-- your existence has become musical.

These types of Soothing Music are very good. Another very soothing and interesting method I have come across; let us unveil it together... 

Pick up music, of your choice, play it while meditating- listen through your entire body, remain there- become the music.

A musical shake gives a new life; a new vigour... a new confidence to you-- become the shake.


to remain touch; to exchange thoughts-- let us talk...



Chakra Meditation : 

Avoid technique, while meditating… is the biggest technique.

What ever is coming to you let it come, welcome it. This acceptance, will remove so many obstacles, it will make a new path for you- It might look absurd... Do not avoid. 

It might appear contradictory but- Avoid Technique While Meditating.

To make it possible, take the help of Guided Meditation. One has to explore deeply, Guided Meditation helps. It will lead you to Chakra Meditation-

Chakra meditation is another kind of meditation...there too one has to let go everything, gradually, one by one-
  • Sit down in a comfortable position
  • start feeling each and every part of yours
  • breath deeply
  • where ever you are, remain there.
To move further in direction guided meditation; and Chakra meditation I have come across a very intresting; which helps in moving in the direction of Law of attraction...let us unfold together what it says...

It can also be called mind fullness  meditation. Guided meditation CD are available.


Meditation is not needed... Do not Meditate

A provocation is needed. An indication is required. It is already there inside you.

Doing is a force... Meditation happens... it simply Happens... without any force.  All the time it is lying inside you... it is happening inside you. You just have to look within... a very deep penetrating look.

Avoid techniques, while meditating- there is no technique. Do not mediate, do not do mediation- just relax… let it happen- It will happen. Do not do anything. 

In The process Of Doing Something... Something Happens-

Contradiction has to happen… welcome the contradiction, do Not Avoid, let it happen, do not hold, do not fight- Become the Contradiction… Mediation will happen.

And the Day this happens to you, the day this realization comes to you- You will realize that .. You are born with meditation... meditation is already there, inside you.

A provocation was needed... and today you are provoked. And then... this realization will come to you that- Doing is a force... Meditation is effortless, it happens, it is already lying inside you. You were not aware of.

And the day this awareness comes to you... the day Meditation happens to you effortlessly (the realization of meditation inside you)... You will come to know that- Meditation is not needed... do not Meditate- Your entire being is mediated... only, you are not aware of it.