Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meditation is not needed... Do not Meditate

A provocation is needed. An indication is required. It is already there inside you.

Doing is a force... Meditation happens... it simply Happens... without any force.  All the time it is lying inside you... it is happening inside you. You just have to look within... a very deep penetrating look.

Avoid techniques, while meditating- there is no technique. Do not mediate, do not do mediation- just relax… let it happen- It will happen. Do not do anything. 

In The process Of Doing Something... Something Happens-

Contradiction has to happen… welcome the contradiction, do Not Avoid, let it happen, do not hold, do not fight- Become the Contradiction… Mediation will happen.

And the Day this happens to you, the day this realization comes to you- You will realize that .. You are born with meditation... meditation is already there, inside you.

A provocation was needed... and today you are provoked. And then... this realization will come to you that- Doing is a force... Meditation is effortless, it happens, it is already lying inside you. You were not aware of.

And the day this awareness comes to you... the day Meditation happens to you effortlessly (the realization of meditation inside you)... You will come to know that- Meditation is not needed... do not Meditate- Your entire being is mediated... only, you are not aware of it.