Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Chakra Meditation : 

Avoid technique, while meditating… is the biggest technique.

What ever is coming to you let it come, welcome it. This acceptance, will remove so many obstacles, it will make a new path for you- It might look absurd... Do not avoid. 

It might appear contradictory but- Avoid Technique While Meditating.

To make it possible, take the help of Guided Meditation. One has to explore deeply, Guided Meditation helps. It will lead you to Chakra Meditation-

Chakra meditation is another kind of meditation...there too one has to let go everything, gradually, one by one-
  • Sit down in a comfortable position
  • start feeling each and every part of yours
  • breath deeply
  • where ever you are, remain there.
To move further in direction guided meditation; and Chakra meditation I have come across a very intresting; which helps in moving in the direction of Law of attraction...let us unfold together what it says...

It can also be called mind fullness  meditation. Guided meditation CD are available.