Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meditation, Art of Living and You...

Few great people have been sharing their experiences with you and you started following it ad verbatim; taking it as gospel truth...

Drop everything whatever you have learn so far and take jump deep inside you; you will find the learning laying there...

Entire creation is an art. The art of living; remove of; and it becomes simply living. Living itself is an art; you do not have to learn anything like how to live; just live your life the way you are living. Do not apply any technique; just live your life as it is; there is no institution who can teach you how to live; the way it is coming to you; just live life as it is. No changes; no method is required; just live your life.

You are a unique creation of the Almighty; you have been equipped, with the art of living; the day you took birth. Yes, you have to recognize this. And this recognizing comes to you through meditation; in other words, to realize this unique art you have to feel it; which is already within you. There is no other way to learn it; self-realization is the best way to learn this art.

Nobody is the bigger artist; then almighty; God is the biggest artist. Art of living is there inside you; and to realize this; simply meditate. You cannot learn this from books. You cannot learn this through religion. To know this, to realize this art which is there inside you, drop everything whatever you have learned so far through society; religion; books etc.

Drop everything whatever you have learnt; take a jump deep inside you; you will find the learning laying there. Everything is there inside; you are made powerful. You lack the insight to see this.

Your mind is full of ignorance; you have always found happiness somewhere else. This is the basic problem with you; without looking at you; you keep finding happiness all over. Naturally, you will stay disturbed; unhappy. It does not cost you anything to look within; it is so simple.

And you have been applying methods to know this; all through your life. This is the root cause of your misery. You are never here. Simply stay here; live in a moment, keep on floating; no strength is needed; no techniques are needed; just keep floating, and will meet all reason of life, lying inside you.

No, Mahatma is needed; no guru is needed; no teaching is required. It is you; always you who know the answer. Everybody learns from himself/herself; that knowledge from within; and what comes from within is real, sacred, and innocent; and there lies the magic.

Few great people have been sharing their experiences with you and you started following it ad verbatim; taking it as gospel truth. It is gospel truth for them who learnt this from themselves; other words, who learnt this from their inner voice.

The Inner voice is always sacred; untouched and precisely this the reason why your inner voice is your answer. Listen to your inner voice; instead of following others. This is the reason why there are many disciples and one master. To hear your inner voice, and to learn the art of living; you have to become the master; not a disciple.

Do never follow; of course, what they are teaching is a gospel truth; but this gospel truth is for them not for you. Whatever your inner voice is telling is gospel truth for you; no for others.

Idiosyncrasies differ; not the gospel truth; it might come to you in some other way, other words. You have to be awaken to hear this; unless you have that foresight, that magical listening power, you will not come to know the art of living. And to unfold this mystery, to learn this art of living; simply meditate. Meditation is the answer.


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