Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meditation; Suicide, God, Prayer and You…

Time; Person; and Place these three things are important; one has to move accordingly; there is no other way. 

You seek refuse; it’s human nature; when you fail from all sides you seek refuse. And you surrender yourself to God. Your prayer starts; ‘whatever you give I shall be happy; whatever you have given I am happy; keep protecting me’. It’s a very weak characteristic.

It differs from person to person; what is your desire; whatever is your aim you pursue it religiously; and when you reach the saturation point; when nothing is left; God, Prayer only remedy appears convenient to you; left for you and you fall flat; and God never listens to you, and your prayer is never answered. Now what to do even prayer; God has left you. 

Sometimes you are taking extreme step, and you commit suicide. Amid adversity, stay for a while; ask yourself what do you want; look at your resources; look at your capacity and then decide what to do; whether you should move ahead; are you going in a right direction; or you should stop here and start pursuing whatever is suitable for you; it is entirely upon you to decide.

No God or prayer is needed here; it is simply you who have to decide; what to do? If you are in the right direction, as per your capacity then you are in a right direction; nothing can stop you; God or prayer is not needed. 

Mostly; it is you who are at wrong; a wrong decision without judging your capacity. And then either you blame God; my prayer is not answered, or you blame the stars, your luck; stop blaming look at yourself. Understanding God or prayer is far ahead; it is not possible for you to understand; or realize; or meet God. You concentrate on yourself; know your strength; look at the circumstance around and then move. 

Time; Person; and Place these three things are important; one has to move accordingly; there is no other way. Move in a smart way; do not behave dull. You are the creator. You are the winner; you are the looser. It is always you; God does not come in between.  

When the mind is disturbed, which is natural there is nothing to worry about, you start praying; and it soothes your mind; do that there is no harm. Prayer keeps you fit to move ahead; Prayer is your exercise; not remedy. Remedy is you; and you are in a right direction when you are using prayer as a device to keep you fit; and you are praying honestly; that is the right way; right direction. 

Life is strange; someone has become successful; someone has to be unsuccessful. You should always remember that; you are bigger than success and unsuccessful. You are far ahead; know you; know your strength. 

Human being is the most beautiful creation of the Almighty. You are gifted in this life; hence you must use it in a right way. And you can only use it in the right way; when you discover yourself; knowing you is a must. If you are awakened then there is no need for suicide.

Do not escape; suicide is escape. It is extremely disturbing state of your mind when you take this drastic step suicide. Finding no other escape route you commit suicide. 

Accept life in Toto. Whatever is coming your way accept it. You have no time to look around and lament; forget failure and keep moving. 

This; keep moving under any circumstance; is meditation. This; keep moving; staying awake; alert; this method is meditation; because here you are staying in a moment fully alert awaken. Practice meditation; use any technique coming your way. 

Your work; you're moving ahead without getting affected under any circumstance; is your prayer and your this prayer never fails; God has to answer. 

Believing in you; is believing in God. The method to move ahead under any circumstance keeping the grace intact; is silent; and the silence is extraordinarily powerful; and when you are moving ahead without getting affected by failure considering it your prayer; then your this Prayer has to be answered; because here you have compelled Almighty to listen you.