Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stress, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Failure how to handle through Meditation…

Enduring pain without a break severely wounded time again, she kept smiling all the time without any complaint, sometimes talking to herself with a smile She used to say 'Psyche let's move on' (Chal re Man)... 

Accepting adversity with a smile commanding one’s psyche, (Chal re Man), and asking her to move ahead it’s not easy. She was ahead enlightenment. I have seen her, I heard her saying so several times- I am her proud Son.   

Neither lost nor gained- just keep on sailing. Where to reach? Where to go? Stop thinking; keep moving in the eternity staying awake. 

This will give you a power to conquer your adversity, your stress. Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, stress will kill you.

The only way to get rid of your anger, your stress, your anxiety, and your panic attack is you accept it wholeheartedly when it knocks your door. The only method you apply here is; stay awake.

Self talk is the door in understanding you. Self talk happens; doing is not needed, it happens. Mostly this stage comes, after a prolonged wounded life. 

Remember, when you are wounded by life itself; you are the doctor. Here nobody is to be blamed; neither you, nor your stars, nor so called your previous life’s sin.   

I do not know the cause behind such misery. I am not sure either that perhaps God is responsible.  I do not know anything about God. I tried several conversations with Her / him; I could not contact the God.

Religious books, intellectuals, mahatmas, Guru say, ‘it is you’. You are responsible for your misery’. They further add that ‘you are being punished for your previous life’s sin. Forget Mahatma, forget priest, and forget religion.

Ignore your religious book. Keep watching, things are coming, things are going. Stay a witness of happening in your life unaffected. Life’s dictate accept it as it is.

It is futile to unfold the mystery; you cannot. It is futile to find the reason. Instead, use your energy in curing your disease. You are the doctor, you are the patient. There is no God. You are the victim. you are the winner.

Become the winner. Yes, it is possible. For that, forget your pundit, forget religion, forget books- simply, cast a deep glance within, your answer is there.

To become strong; this is extremely important become stronger. Meditate. There are many techniques of meditation, find one suiting you and start meditation. You will become strong enough to take hardship in a positive way.   

Keep watching, things are coming, things are going. Stay a witness of happening in your life unaffected. Life’s dictate accept it as it is. This way your panic attacks, your anxiety, your failure will not affect you.  

Life is floating here with a smile. Unnoticed you are busy in finding the reason. Try this, when you are in a misery, become the misery; forget the reason. Do not chase the cause; you will get nothing. Accept the misery

But you are an intellectual; you will find the reason. Your misery, your stress starts from here; You know that you are an intellectual. Intellectuals are the problems. 

Have you ever observed an intellectual? He / She is full of ego. He / She is serious. And the day you become serious; you are dead. The child in you is finished.

Take life in an easy way. Do not meditate in a hard way. Take it as a play play with it, take as a song. Take your meditation as a dance. Sing, dance, play; enjoy it in an easy way. 

Accept miseries with grace; become a witness, it has come to you. Stay a witness, watch the things are coming and going. You are simply sailing; floating. No objection, no force; simply floating.

I am neither a Mahatma, nor a knowledgeable person, nor an intellectual. Intellectuals are boring; keep them away. I am your extension, another you. Knowledge is the problem. I do not know the reason behind the extreme misery in human’s life. But someone has to be blamed. Someone has to take the responsibility.  

And, at that point of life when someone has to take the responsibility of extreme misery in a human's life, total failure of a human’s life at that particular moment- The Apple was kept in the Garden of Eden.

You were forbidden, you were told not to eat the fruit. Simultaneously, the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit was breaded inside you. The snake was brought to lure you. Finally, you eat the forbidden. 

And finally, the reason of misery in one’s life was discovered- You are blamed. And, The Universe was created.

Priests, intellectuals citing examples from religious books hold you responsible for your misfortune. Stay away from priests, intellectuals, religious books.

Do not believe what is written in your religious books, it might be right. It was written hundred n thousand years back. You do not have to believe in anything.

Instead of learning and believing from other sources cast a glance within and see The Light...