Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meditation, Nature, Education and You…

Right in the lap of Mother Nature; stay there, and you do not need meditation. 

That is the highest form of meditation. It’s very simple to reach there. You simply do not have to do anything; and out of this nothingness; takes birth Meditation.

You are a wonderful creation of The Almighty. Everything, He/She   has given you everything. You have the capacity of creating wonders; you can create miracles. 

You are dangerous too; you have the capacity of creating Atom; hence, the result of your efforts; He/She kept to himself/herself. This was the master stroke of The Almighty. 

You cannot create results; you about meditation waiting for the final result; with all your might and intelligence, you spend heavily in shares; and you wait for the result, after studying hard; you wait for the result; and after leading a glorious life; you wait for the final result.

Effortless effort is the key for Awakening; and it is easy to perform, simply do not do anything; and see the miraculous results of nothingness. Nothingness is zero; and from zero onward your journey has been set.  

Whatever comes out from zero; is your real you, then you plane your life; then you plan your future; then you plan your success, and see the result. Methods; efforts made in a meditative mood bring unique results. 

Then your entire self is in your control; even you can foresee your future; you can predict your future; you can get desired results, yes, even desired result is in your hand. You have to awake; do not sleep; right now you are sleeping. 

You think; it appears to you that you are awakened; actually you are not. And this false notion of yours brings misery, misfortune to you.  And you start blaming God, Stars, Luck. And you start searching your luck in astrology; this is ridiculous.

Instead of looking within; you are looking astrology; somewhere else; a place which is entirely unknown to you. How you will become happy, or satisfied? In search of right direction; you have been committing blunders; many wrong things you have been taught by society, by educational institutions. 

First learn to recognize you; your capacity of learning; where your interest lies; what kind of society you are going to live in; Time keeps changing; norms keeps changing. As per the requirement of the time; and your interest; your capacity; you should be educated.

And if you are learning these things in a meditative mood; if you are alert; if you are merely a witness; then that will be your real education. Meditation unfolds many wrong notions before you; meditation gives you an insight through which you can make the difference between rights and wrong; between sin and what is Holy. 

Entire universe is within you and to know this, to feel this; cast a penetrating glance within; you will see all answers lying before you.


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