Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meditation, Life and You

Just now, as usual, Life is touching you

Life is continuously whispering something into your ears. You are not aware of it. The life which is flowing inside you; you are not aware of it. You know, you are living. You know life is there. But you have never felt…The Touch.

You are busy. You are planning something; for a better life. It is important; one should go for a better life. The day you feel The Touch; you will realize that…Life is divine. You do not have to go anywhere for a better life. 

It is very much here…within you. How to lead a better life is an important question? After being convinced; about the importance of a better life, you start planning for it. Without understanding; without feeling the Divine Touch…you start preparing for a better life. 

The result is before you; look at the chaos. It is a mad rush. Everybody is running for a better life. You have never felt the life within you; which is very much here, and you are running for a better life. You have never lived your life, and you are running after the techniques which will make your life better; secured.

You have been living your life through your head. Your mind is living; not you. Your body is divine; start living your life through your entire body; and see the difference.

You have never listened a song; you never looked at the nature. You have been listening through you mind; you have been thinking that you are listening a song. 

The most beautiful creation of the Almighty is your Life. By the time you understand your life; death starts knocking at your door. Wake up early. Live your life fully. Come what may; live the life which is full of health; a fulfilled life.

Laugh; cry, do whatever you want…do it with full awareness. Make an effort to understand yourself; this understanding comes through Meditation.  Simply an acceptance; of whatever is coming your way, will give you an insight; which will help you in understanding life. 

Whatever is coming your way negative or positive; right or wrong, accept both. Good and bad; both are interrelated, accept both.  

You have to wade through the lake without getting wet. It is possible; meditate. Meditation will take you to a place where except silence nothing is there. This silence is powerful. This Silence is, Life. Your life is the most beautiful gift which almighty has given you.

Living life is an art; learn it. This art has to be taken seriously. And for this learning,you do not have to go anywhere; you are the best teacher.  Cast a glance within; and you have learned it. 

But for this you should have time. Because, you are busy learning life somewhere else. You try to find life in religion, without knowing that life has no religion. You search the meaning of life in books. You search the meaning of life at religious places. 

The real meaning of life is hidden inside you. And to unfold the mysteries…meditate. Meditation is the answer. Everything depends on life. Without life; you are dead. And such an important aspects; your own have been ignoring, since beginning. You never tried to look at it; it is there, what is there to look at; this is what you have been thinking throughout your life.

And precisely this is the reason why each and every person looks angry; tensed; always in a hurry to go somewhere.

Look at the photo of Buddha, and you will get the answer, what you have been missing. To recollect the missing point of your life…Meditate.


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