Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meditation, Money, Frustration, and You...

Jiffy ago; Life emerged, unscathed, smiling, once again; after being drowned in the vortex of harsh irregularities of life; perhaps, I do not know, caused by few unfavorable, unknown negative power.

And it seems;  I am loosing the grip once again; and everything is coming to a standstill, once again, and life is moving too fast once again, and the end is near, once again, and one poet is crooning somewhere, once again, that "Almighty has granted only four days; out of those, two days have spent in desiring, and the rest two days is spent in waiting"!

And finally a compelled God is asking a question; once again-, "What do you want"? 

And, gathering my shattered wits, I am answering the God, once again. Without wasting the time in lamenting, and searching the reason of my disastrous failure, either in me, or in the stars, or in fate, or luck; without blaming anyone; I am busy detecting new opportunities; from where I can breath fresh; and I should come into the life victorious; once again.

And I got it. And I am answering God's query, once again- 'Dear God, out of those four days, which you had granted, two is wasted in desiring; but dear God, rest two days are still left untouched; you have not finished my breath, yet!

Dear God, with all my wit, wisdom, knowledge, education, efforts, my prayer to you, I wish to make those untouched two days; as a jumping board, towards eternal glory. 

Dear God, Sir, my only problem is, time is running too fast, and those untouched two days are about to be finished any moment; in waiting to receive your glorious smile bestowed upon me.

Hence, Dear God; whatever breath I have left in this life; let me live; as per my nature; which is given by you'.

The only serious problem is; the end is hurrying near, and your well defined efforts are crashing, one after another. Yet, you have the vigor; you have the stamina, you have the capacity; but this finishing of ages is coming near too fast; what to do? Simply, do never give-up; hit hard.

The God is not listening. The God is busy creating blocks, on your ways. If I were the creator; I would have picked up the happiness. If the results were in my hands; I would have started meditation, long back. Meditation is rich; for the rich. 

Money is important. Money, certainly plays an important role in our life. If you are hungry; you cannot meditate. Basic needs of your life have to be secured; under any circumstance; effortlessly. If you are using too much effort in acquiring your basic needs; then how you will enjoy life? And the result is not in your hand.

Actually, nothing is in your hand. It can be contradictory also; life is full of contradiction. To get the solution; you have to be confused first. The more you try to accumulate money, wealth; happiness will keep avoiding you. And precisely, this is the reason that there are many rich people, they are not happy in their life.

The basic problem is money. Again, here I am contradicting myself-'Money is important; Money is the problem'. That is why I said; 'The life is full of contradiction'. Money is the problem; because you have devoted all your life in accumulating money. And you kept avoiding life. 

Life is walking along with you; side-by side-by side. You are not aware of it. Life is inside you; and you are not aware of it. You breathe all the time; and you are not aware of it. You are busy; you are focused; in accumulating money.

When you will accumulate sufficient money; then one day you will become happy in your future. You are going to be happy in your future, after accumulating money. This greed for money will destroy you; has destroyed you. I have seen very less satisfied people around me.

Meditation is here. You are here. Life is here. Past is there; which is gone. The future is imaginary; you can imagine your future. By the time you enter your future; it becomes Now. Here and Now; the rest is dead.

Life is here. Health is here. Happiness is here. Sorrow is here. Success is here, Failure is here. Stay with moments; move along with the time. Stay awakened; do not sleep on laurels. Accept life. Accept failure; keep moving with life.

Do not carry harsh feelings. Because, if you are carrying the harsh feelings, you are carrying a dead feeling. because, this harsh, sad feelings of yours were in life in your past; those moments you have crossed. Do not stand there in your past nursing vengeance; that moment is gone long back; you are here.

Life is here. Happiness is here. You are here. Stay with life; stay alive, with you; Here...