Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meditation; Life happens; allow it to happen…

Somewhere, sometime, something has to begin; let it begin, do not put hindrance; welcome The Verdict. 

To beautify to help, out of curiosity, using our mind, our intellect, we keep adding something our best to it; just to make the verdict; the result more healthy; more beautiful. And after doing this with a pride, all over our face, we are relaxed. 

And, sometimes, when we open our eyes, we find our self amid misery; unhappiness; diseases; and to further cure our self, we start running all over the globe in search of the remedy; toward temple; toward churches; toward mosques; to astrologers; everywhere.  

This has been happening since the beginning; and it will keep happening; unless we are awakened. This somewhere; sometime; something is our Life. We have been playing with our lives in order to make it a smooth sailing; and here lies the mistake; we have been jeopardizing everything in our life into misery; ugliness. 

We have made our life complexes. Never come in-between the mysteries of creation; let it take its own shape; you do not help; you just watch it happening. It is a beautiful life; fell in love with it. And surprisingly the day you fell in love with your life; you will find yourself growing in love. Love is extremely important for anything.

A love affair with your own life will open many doors; will unfold many mysteries before you. But for that you have to first drop all your knowledge which you have learnt so far. Become zero and then let it happen. Everything has started from zero; hence you have to come down to a point where you can become zero.

Drop everything, become nothing; and whatever emerges from thin nothingness is real you; Religion; God. Awareness is important; and for this simply meditate; Meditation gives many things; meditation opens many doors. 

Start living in a moment; stay there; just watch everything; whatsoever is happening just watch; stay awake; stay alert ; does not sleep; does not start thinking something. 

The mind is very clever; it will keep luring you; it will keep diverting your mind. Control your mind; keep your entire attention on nothingness because from nothing…somewhere, sometime, something is going to begin; is going to happen And this happening is you; yes, it is possible to watch your beginning; but that is extremely difficult rather impossible also; many things are required for that to watch your beginning; your entire thought, conditioning; has to be changed. 

Watching your beginning again, that is a mystery; extremely high point of awakening. You simply control your mind; do not allow it to keep wavering; meditation is a place where you have to surrender totally. Meditation is a place of total surrender; then accept everything whatever is happening without putting any hindrance. 

Do not surrender...this is an extremely difficult; the ultimate method.  This is a very sacred and difficult method. Here You are challenging God; do not do this; it’s too high; rather the ultimate method of meditation, I shall talk on this subject some other time. Enjoy your life; enjoy existence; stay alert; stay awake…meditate.