Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meditation; Comedy of Error; and Fear in You…

The Error is bliss. An error; the mistake was committed; punishment was given; expulsion was ordered; and The Universe was created. And the comedy began. 

You stayed awake in the Garden of Eden; and the moment The Universe was created; you slept again. Some of you, sometimes; you are awakened; and then you go to sleep again.

The Error is important; the mistake is important; and you are afraid; and that is why you are scared before taking any decision. You are afraid of taking decisions; you are afraid of committing mistakes; unaware of the fact that this mistake of yours might be a turning point in your life. Commit mistakes; do not get scared. 

Your fear will keep you wavering all the time. And a shaky mind can never lead a stable life. Before your expulsion from the garden that this is going to happen; and out of fear you might not have eaten the forbidden fruit; and the result this Universe might not have been created. 

An error; a mistake was the root cause of creation of this Universe. Fearlessness brings many things; which can help you in enhancing your life; so never be afraid of committing mistakes. To learn; to grow, you have to commit mistakes. A child learns how to walk after committing many a mistakes; the child learns to walk, after he falls. So you must stumble and get up; in order to keep walking. 

And to keep walking; do not be afraid of committing mistakes; error. This will make you fearless. Fearlessness comes through meditation. Meditation first drops everything in you; and when you are nude in darkness; meditation brings light to you. And in that light for the first time you see you. 

Life itself is a comedy; and the error is its tool. Here sometimes you laugh; and sometimes you weep and the life keeps moving; you too; move with the life; keep moving with the life; and this fear of committing error will go away. You are not sure of anything; you can never be sure of anything; because you do not know what is going to happen next moment; The Universe moves in a mysterious way.

And to enjoy this mystery you have to be fearless. And this fearlessness comes after committing an error. A shaky life will lead you nowhere; you have to be firm. And this firmness comes after meeting an error. In a comedy; sometimes you weep; sometimes you laugh; some time you are right; sometime you are wrong and the life keep moving. 

Your education; your lack of knowledge; has got nothing done with error; if you are a learned then too you are bound to commit error; after knowing everything; you are bound to commit mistakes. And when an error is woven so seriously in your life, then why to be scared of committing mistakes?

This fear comes because you are not certain of anything; and you are not certain of anything because you do not know that what is going to happen next moment in your life. 

The great president, before starting his journey, did not know that he is going to be shot. The coming moment is a mystery to you; your life is a mystery to you; this universe is a mystery to you; and in such mysterious situation error is bound to happen. And when something in your life is so sure to happen; then why to be scared of this. Yes, committing errors in awareness is something mysterious; meaningful.

And when you are on your path marching ahead; so many things you will meet on your way; like I too have picked one very nice and useful method; and what is that...

It is a very rare state; when you commit an error in full awareness; knowing about it; you commit an error; and that particular point, where you commit an error in awareness, is a state of Bliss. Enjoy comedy of life; meet error in awareness; meditate; and live your life in Bliss.