Thursday, September 19, 2013

Techniques of Meditation...Stay Here

Stay Here, It’s beautiful, Sunset and Sunrise looks same…here is the end, here is the beginning…stay here, don’t move, keep floating, something is continuously happening inside you, too much noise is there, inside you- listen to the waves, there are say something.

You have no time, you are somewhere else in your future, thinking, the day you become rich…you will be happy- and it’s happening, Now, Here and Now, very much deep down, within you…stay here, stay alert.

Confusion and contradiction, has to go together.  Truth is the outcome of Confusion and contradiction.  Truth, consists everything, confusion and contradiction, good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, everything. That is why, it is called Truth.

Now, the techniques of Meditation…it varies. It depends, how you have understood meditation? How, Meditation has come to you. Hours together, you go on sitting at the same place, concentrating on a particular object…if this gives you understanding about meditation…do it, do it totally.

Techniques differ, from person to person. Because, every person, have different idiosyncrasies. Goal is the same. Nature is same. Air is same. Ways of grasping it, differs.

Mind is cunning, it will lure you, and it will take you somewhere else. It will create confusion in-side you. It will bring contradiction to you. If you are in the control of your mind, you will reach nowhere. You will stay confused. What to do?

And you start searching…the techniques of meditation. You will reach nowhere. You search will not come to an end. Meditation is dangerous too. Too much of meditation, without understanding it, too much of practice, without knowing it…might create a lifeless vacuum, an impotency in you.

Remember, Meditation is always full of life…understand first. Understand Meditation first, before accepting it. Realize first…what Meditation is. Meditation opens the gate for you…from where you can feel the universe within you.

Meditation awakes. Yes, this awakening is a must. You might get lost in your search. This search, about the techniques of meditation…is a search, within you. You do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to do anything for it.

Doing is a force…you have to do it. And meditation is not a force. Meditation is not an extra effort.

Meditation happens. And the word happening always happens, without any force. Meditation is been happening in-side you, since the day you took birth. You never realized it, because, you are searching the technique, somewhere else.

You sit down, at a place hours together, concentrating on a simple object, and after finishing your exercise, you feel relaxed…you have searched, the techniques. Your pilgrimage is over.  And after few days, or months, or years, you are back, to your original place…and your search starts, again.

Cast a deep glance within. And in the process, of casting the glance, apply a simple method, a simple trick, do not do anything else, do not do anything extra…while casting the deep glance within you, become the glance.

You will realize, you are born meditative, only this realization, only this feeling, has to touch you…and when it is touching you...become the touch. And this is, the Techniques of Meditation.


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Monday, September 16, 2013

Meditation and Time...Here and Now...

Time is eternal.

Because Time is always, here. Time is neither past, nor is always, here. Your entire existence is here. You are breathing here. You are living here. You take birth, here,now. You die here, now.

In history, nobody has ever died in body has ever taken birth, in future, or past. It is always here.

And you are always either in your past, or in your future. Either lamenting, finding reasons, for your failure...or you are in you future, planning for your success. The day you become, successful, you will become happy. You are never here. And this is the problem, of your miserable life. And instead of searching, reason of your failure, within start searching it, somewhere else, in your future, or in your past.

Past is gone, past is dead, future has not yet come. And you are there, either in your past, or in your future...searching your answer. Past is gone, future never comes...because, it is always, Here and Now.

What to do? You have to plane, you have to search the answer. And your pilgrimage, you journey starts. You start reading, books, you start visiting start finding results somewhere, else.

Nature is mysterious. In fact everything, around you, in-side you is mysterious. One has to unfold it...Who? You. Yes, it is you, only you...who can unfold it.

OK, now you got, you have to unfold it. You have to understand it. And again, your pilgrimage, your journey are somewhere else, solving the problem. you are never here. And yes, precisely, this is the reason, of your misery.

We all are born mysterious. You can not unfold it. It is eternal. You cannot measure the cannot unfold the mystery, around. Understand it. Feel it. Realize it. How...just stay here.

Do not go anywhere, do not do anything. Doing is always a force. and force is not needed here. Let it happen...keep floating. You do not have to go where. Your answer is lying within you. You are the cause, you are the answer.

You are a part of this universe. whatever is happening to you, whatever is happening around you...let it happen. You cannot change it. Whatever has to happen, will happen. Accept it. Accept to to.

Celebrate your misery, celebrate your happiness. This comes through, Meditation. And to know to do meditation, whatever ways is coming to you mind...accept it. You are the answer, you are the question.

Nobody else, can ever solve it for you. Nobody else, has ever solved it for you. You solve it. you can solve it. You have to solve it. How? Whatever is coming to your mind...just accept it, do it. Do it totally. Give your best, and while doing...stay alert.

You are a universal fact. Whatever is coming to your mind, is a universal fact. But it is a fact, for you. Every person has a different idiosyncrasy...this too is an universal fact. Accept it.

Problem starts, when you start thinking that, whatever you are thinking, or whatever you are saying, is a universal fact. Yes, it is a universal fact for you...not for others.

The real problem starts, when you start expecting that, others too, should behave, act, the way you wish. Because, whatever you are a universal fact, because you are right. Yes, you are right, for yourself...not for others.

That is why, I keep saying, whatever method is coming to you, to do meditation...accept it, do it. Stay alert, stay is happening inside you. You will start feeling it...just do your meditation. And the day, you start feeling it, you will realize do no need Meditation. 


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meditation, misery, panic attacks, obstacles, and You...

Let us move together. Misery, obstacles will keep coming...accept it. Yes, accept it wholeheartedly. Your acceptance will create a circle around...and you will stay, untouched. 

Your obstacle will start protecting you. It appears vague, unbelievable...but its a fact. The more you try to run away from your problems... it will become, more complicated. You try to get rid of cannot avoid it. 

You do not want; nobody wants...your wishes apart, misery keeps coming to you. It is nature. It is life...accept it.

If you do not accept it...then, your time, your circumstance, will compel you to, accept it. That's why, your wishes apart, obstacles, misery, panic attacks, keeps coming...this is life. You cannot accept life in parts. You have to accept it, totally. 

Meditation helps. You have to understand first. Understand life, understand yourself. It's not very difficult. Whatever is coming, your ways...accept it. Do not create a division. You cannot get away.  If you do not accept, nature will compel you to accept it. So, accept it...whatever is coming, your way. And accept it with full not brood.

And while doing so...stay alert. Talk to our obstacles, observe your misery. It appears mad...entire universe is a creation of, madness.

Sane people, rather so-called sane person, will advise you to stay clean. I say, accept dirt too. Accept everything.  Your very existence is a mixture of both, Negative and Positive. How can you accept, only positive thing, in life, and leave negative untouched.

If you are relay interested in learning, what exactly life, is. You have to accept, negative and positive both. You cannot play one sides game. It is not in your hand. Nothing is in your hand.

Destined happiness or unhappiness will happen. You cannot stop it. Degree of reaction is in your hand. How to react; how Act? Never react...always act.

There are different kinds of techniques, in Meditation. Whatever comes to you easily...use that. Always stay alert...start living in moments. 

Because only moments are your past, or your future, do not exists. One is dead, and one is, yet to come.
Stay here...fully awake, alert. This is Meditation. You do not have to go anywhere. Meditation is always you. It is always…Here and Now.

To become Meditative, you do not have to go anywhere. Whatever is happening in your life, accept it totally, do not create a division. Become, like a Circle...there is no beginning, there is no end. Misery, panic attacks, will not make you miserably. You must know how to live your life.


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fear, Expectation, Suicide, Death, Meditation and You

Time, Person and Place... One has to move accordingly...

Death is always here... Birth is always here... Now

And again, you are expecting...for a good life, in your future. You have given your best. And the result is unknown. You can amend, you can go on amending, and you can go on making an effort...but result is not in your hand. You have to wait; you have to expect?

You are always being surrounded by a question mark...What will happen? You are afraid. Fear is continuously chasing you. Fear is unknown.

Next moment what is going to happen to you, you do not know. And you have prepared yourself, this time, in a better way. You have taken care of all your past mistakes. You are confident nothing can defeat you this time. You are sure of happiness? And you are waiting? You are expecting for a favorable result? 

And when the result comes is not in your favor. You are devastated. Your entire effort has turned, merely into a fiasco. There is nothing left for you. You decide to commit suicide. And you commit suicide.End of the story. 

Throughout your life, you are busy chasing unknown. You do not what do you want from life? 

This restlessness is always there with you, because you are always searching happiness somewhere else. You result is in future, because, your search for happiness, is in your future. And future never comes, because, there is no future. It is always present. It is always now. It is always Here and Now. 

And to realize have to be Here...Here and Now. It is very much Here; inside you. But you are busy making efforts for something which is going to happen in  future. Death is always here, birth is always here.It has to happen...Now. You are somewhere else in your future.

You have been chasing unknown throughout your life. And blaming God; Stars; Luck or even in some cases, blaming accept the defeat. Please do not do that.

You happiness is your birth right. And if you are not getting it, what is yours...always fight for it. But this fight, or this chase is different. 

Here you are aware. Here you know what you are fighting for. Here your destiny is known to you. Here you are not chasing the unknown. This awareness is a must. And this awareness comes through Meditation. Meditation is the key. 

You must be aware of what you are doing. Stay in the moment. This will make you alert. And if you are alert...if you are flexible, if you are not can lead a smooth life.Because here you can take; alter your decision at spur of the moment. 

It is always Time, Person and have to move accordingly. And this is your individuality. This is your Personality. And if your decision is matching your situation, then you are bond to become successful. 

Success and failure both are yours...accept it, do not fight. 

Fight will always create a gap. And this gap has to be filled. Because this gap, which is created by your fight with yourself, has created a division inside you... between you and the universe. This gap is between you and God.

This division is false. The day you become ONE...this division will go. And to get this, a very simple method you need to apply. And that method is...when you are chasing your happiness...just become the Chase. 

Yet, if you are not getting what is yours, do no fight; make an effortless move...Just pick it UP. 

Ashok Sinha

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Meditation in Love and Death - With Lust, Jealousy, Anger and Desire

Love and death is eternal... beyond Time. Desire is the source... unless longing is there. There is a thin line difference between wanting and lust, sometimes in lust you might ask- - is it love?

When in love, become love... no purpose- - just love.

Lust is dangerous. When used correctly... want can become the bridge between Love and Death... both is eternal. There is no beginning no end.

Love in death is blissful. It is pure, it is healthy. It may seem that... love is the beginning and death is the end. To some extent it might be true. But if you penetrate little more, with a deep look within, you will find that... both are eternal... it is one. There is no difference. And want is the bridge.

Love is within you. You can never fell in love... you can only rise in love. The day you discover it, you will find your life is full of love. Everything will seem loving to you. Then lust, want, anger, greed jealousy will become pure, loving.

You have to transform these negative energies into positive energies. Life is full of negative and positive energies... you have to transform it. And this transformation is possible... if you are awakening, if you are alert.

This will seem to you that as if you are merely wading through the lake... without getting wet. And this awareness comes after a deep meditation. You must know- - what is meditation. But you are sleeping. You are busy calculating your life. You are busy in achieving your target. You are busy in securing you future. You are busy in earning money... how you can secure your bank balance. And how you can love... you have not secured enough money yet.

And here lies the problem. Now love becomes lust, want becomes ugly, greed becomes negative, and anger becomes dangerous. And you start believing others advises .. 'Look because of these negative, destructive nature in you, you've ruined your life.'

And now your pilgrim starts you star looking up-wards, for some divine help. You star believing in further advises to curd, suppress abandon these negative thoughts. And you start curbing it, avoiding it suppressing it. After sometimes you feel relaxed. But again it comes back to you... and again the pilgrim journey starts, again curbing, suppressing starts. And you start believing... because of some sin in your previous birth... your are suffering now.

There is a basic difference between suppressing and merging. When anger comes... become angry. When feeling jealousy... become jealous. You are born with positive and negative energies. You can never get positive vibration... till you are provoked. And this provocation comes through... anger, lust, want and jealousy.

You have to merge, accept these negative energies, which are hidden within- - use it, transform it. Do never try to get rid of it... Accept it. But merge cautiously. While merging... stay alert. Anger, jealousy, lust, desire etc, these are dangerous, very fatal... they can ruin your life.

While accepting, while merging... stay alert. Do not allow it to become dangerous for you. Do not allow it... to rule you. Become your own master... become the ruler. Accept these negative energies.

You have to transform it; you have to use it, you have to purify it. These negative energies will turn into positive energies. While dealing with anger always remember that... to control anger... you have to merge in it, you have to transform it. This you may call a part of anger management.

Addiction to love is good... if you are alert, if you are merely merging. You will not be affected anymore... you will be wading through the lake without getting wet.

This stage is not easy to make. Anything, which is destructive, is very powerful... unless you become more powerful. And you can achieve this through Meditation. And what is meditation- become love... when you are in love. Is it love? This question will never come back to you the day- - you become love.

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Ashok Kumar Sinha

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life, Time, Money, Success, Failure and You

Life begins here; life ends here. Next moment is unknown to you…and you are busy... planning for the next moment.   

And after a hectic research; after endless-discussion  now you are prepared for your next move. Now you are prepared, for the right approach; right Time. Timing is a must.

And when you were preparing yourself; collecting data; doing research, to hit the target at The Right Time; because you want to be happy and fulfilled in Life…’Time’ was passing by, unnoticed; are missing The Life. 

You are busy preparing yourself, for the right Time. Your Time is in future. Time is neither Past; nor Future… Time is very much Here; Now. 

Time is eternal…you are busy preparing yourself; collecting data, endless discussion…waiting for the right Time.

I am not against planning, I am not against collecting data…it is a must, but by the time you approach…your ideas becomes Stale. Time runs too fast.

You must use your all Management Techniques, prepare yourself. Education is a must, you must be educated. Now how, and what is Education… certainly not, collecting data. You have to take a leap.

What is Life...first understand this. Right Time, right approach... you have to understand. Money is important. Investment is a must. Where and how to invest is a trick, you must understand. 

You have no time to understand. What is Life? You have no time to understand, because…you are busy in preparing yourself for the right time, you are busy in collecting data; you are busy in endless discussion...reading books, consulting Gurus…to understand Life; to understand Time. And your Life is passing by, touching you, your Time is passing by touching you...unnoticed; bewildered. 

You are busy in collecting Money, to be happy and secured in life. And after collecting; earning your desired money...still you are not happy, you are not satisfied. You must understand...what is Money? 

Your right Time is somewhere in your future…You are busy chasing the unknown. Nest moment what is going to happen, you do not know. And to unfold the mystery of this unknown...again you will start planning; collecting data; endless discussion etc. 

Throughout your life you are busy…chasing the unknown. First understand your needs…what do you want from life. 

Life is here. Life is not past, Life is not in future. Life is always here; Here and Now. Time is full of Life. You are busy searching it in future. Nature is Life. You are surrounded with Life. You are full of life. You are Life. This realization has to come to you.

This realization is there inside you. And you are busy searching it somewhere in your future. 

You are prepared, you have taken degree, you are educated, and now, you are waiting… for the Right Time? Time is passing; touching you; playing with you… you do not have Time to feel it…you are somewhere else.

Only Mind is important to you. Mind has to be satisfied; ego has to be fulfilled…you are waiting for the Right Time?  And when your well planned program failed…either you are on bed, or following the famous saying that ‘Never say die’…collecting you confidence; using you management techniques; to start life in a new way, you start your journey again.  You are planning; you are waiting for the right time. And this continues.

I am not saying management techniques; data collection, research work is wrong…I am merely saying, use your gut feeling. 
  • Always move along with the time.
  • Stay in moments…fully Awake; alert.
  • The more you are staying in the moments, the more sure you will become of yourself. 

And this awareness is a must. This awareness will improve your intelligence. This awareness will bring confidence into you. And you will be able to recognize the opportunity, and you will be able to take the correct decision. 

Risk factor is always there. And you have to take the risk. But if you are aware; if you are always sailing with the Time…this risk factor becomes your meditation. Because… now you are Aware.

This Awareness is a must.  Times moves too fast, by the time you take your decision; by the time you yell action…your ideas becomes stale. 
  • Move with the Time. 
  • Stay alert.  
  • Right Time is the key
Meditation teaches you, how to control your mind. If you are staying in moments; Aware; Alert, then hitting at the target will be easy for you. You will take the right decision, because…you Time is right.

Because…Now you are full, of Life….

Stop Press: again on this my next Article....


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love and You

No, do not do anything…and this ‘and’, in-between you and Love will go. 

And the day this happens, the day you become Love, you will realize that…only Love exists.

How it will happen? When this will happen? When I shall become Love? 

And at this point, when such questions started coming to you…The Universe was created
… Apple was kept. 

Temptation was breaded; inside you. Snake was brought. Indication was made…towards The Apple. You were forbidden…not to eat The Fruit.

Punishment was made…and The Universe was created.

And The Game Began.

To save The Universe…Love was brought knowledge was given…and Apple was eaten. Punishment started…you were punished. Fearing the reaction from you, fearing the question from you…the reason of your punishment? Answer was given…Apple was eaten.

And The Life started…The Universe started moving. The game Began. You are the pawn. Love is given to you…with an ‘and’ in-between. Distance was made…Freedom was denied. 

And to know this Universe; to feel The God, the word 'and', in-between you and God... this ‘and’ has to go. Because, to all your questions, - Love is the only answer. Love is God.
  • Do not move. 
  • Stay here.
Your very existence; your being; your entire body is blissful, important. Start living from your entire body…not only through our mind. Which you have been doing since the beginning…you are living through your mind. For example, if you are looking at the Sea, you are not looking through your eyes…you are looking at the Sea through our are thinking, that you are looking at the Sea.

If you are travelling…you reach the destination in your thoughts, much before you reach there, finally. All through your journey, you are thinking about your destiny.

Imagined, anticipated happiness... has become real to you. This is absurd. And precisely this is the reason…Why there is ‘and’ in between you and Love. This ‘and’ has to go…How? While drinking a glass of water…become the taste. Whatever you are doing…total involvement has to be there. 

If you are looking at the nature…become the look. Let there be no division between you and The Universe.

This division is the problem. It cannot be expressed; it cannot be read in books…because words finish in-between A to Z. Words has its limitations. And to understand; to realize; to know the answer…you have to understand yourself first. 

Too much noise is there inside you. To know yourself; to know the universe; to know the way, how this ‘and’ will go…you have to understand; you have to listen to The Silence. 

The Universe was created in Silence. Silence is The Power. Deep down in-side are Silent. 

But because of the noise, you never noticed it. Inside you…there is too much disturbance. And that is been preventing you, since beginning, to realize that...deep down you are silent. You are always running. You have no time.

Mind is important. Your mind is taking, your decisions. Your mind is controlling you. You are living through your mind. Stop this...start living through your entire body; your entire being is blissful.  

The day you start living through you entire body, when each and every part of yours will start performing its will realize that deep down, you are Silent. 

And mark my words…the day you understand The Silence, the day you start listening to The Silence, and the day you become, ABSOLUTELY, Silent…You will see The Apple in-side you; You will see The Snake in-side you.

And you will get the answer…Who kept the Apple? Who brought The Snake? Who injected the temptation in you? Why the Universe was created? What is Sin, and what is Virtue?  You will get the answer... in-side you.

You will realize that…Love is eternal. Love is God. 

And in your Silence you will realize that, in-between Love and You…this ‘and’ has gone
You will feel; you will realize…you are Love.

And on this subject… rest is in my next article….


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hope, Failure, Faith and Meditation

When acceptance becomes a compulsion; whether you wish or not you have to accept it…expression becomes expressionless.

How to express your grief; how to express you sorrow…stays as a question mark? What to do? Where to go, Church, Mosque or Temple?

And when religious places; your God comes under a question mark… what to do?

One thing is there, which is always there with you. And that is…your faith… where it comes from, that nobody knows. 

Well wishers; advisers keeps saying ‘do not worry, have faith in you; God is there with you’. They do not know; when God himself / herself is under mark of interrogation…what to do?  ‘Hoping against hopes’ theory comes to your rescue. 

Again the devastating situation is the same…what to do? Absolutely nothing is working; no techniques no method is working. Mr. Lee Iacocca has written in his autobiography that “There are times in everyone’s life something constructive is born out of adversity”. 

What will happen, when during adversity also…nothing takes birth? 

Disastrous situation simply refuses to buzz…what to do? You start believing in, certainly not your fault it is natural under the circumstances, ‘hope’ and ‘faith’. You are sure they will come to your rescue…Wrong, they don’t.  

You are not Super Human. We all are ordinary human being…who struggles hard to live his / her life as per their wishes; as per their nature. There is nothing wrong in that. 

Then who is troubling you; why you are not happy? What is there which is continuously putting hurdles on your way; what is that which in-spite of your educated hard labor not allowing success to meet you? 

What is that; which even Lord is failed to understand and solve? What is that?

You will never get the answer…you are knocking at the wrong door.

You do not have to do anything extra for it. Do not take any step further which might jeopardize you belief of having faith in you. And for god’s sake do not go and start finding the meaning in books; or anywhere outside in the universe. 
  • Do not run.
  • Stay here; wherever you are. 
  • Hope’ faith and meditation is very much here; in-side you. 
  • Your answer is here in-side you. 
False hope keeps coming to you…and there is no end. Actually this is your mind; which is taking you on a false journey, again ‘n again. Some of your desire; your wishes are not fulfilled. And you want it desperately. You have no means; you are exhausted…there is absolutely nothing is left for you.

Only one thing which never finishes is… your hope.  That is why it is said…’hoping against hope’. Now faith comes to you, to support you. And you start chasing the unknown…you start chasing you destiny, in an unknown direction.

Society and your own intellect keeps telling you....‘there is some mistake with you; either you do not have contact or you are not using it in a proper way. Some wrong step you have taken, that is why you are not getting success. But do not worry, keep hoping, have faith in you’. 

You are simply like a dead body, everything is finished. Your well wisher, you society, directly; indirectly, will convince you that...either you are not worthy of any kind of happiness or you must have committed some sin in you previous birth (I shall talk to you on this subject later)...that is why you are ruined in this life.

You are blamed; you are a sinner. Logic; knowledge; science; are used; causes of your failure is detected; answer is given …and matter is over. Lord is happy, he/she has given you the answer; your society is happy, they have detected the reason of your failure. You are still in a pain; in a ruined state.

You have to come out of it. When nothing is helping you; you have to help yourself. Forget everybody; forget God- help yourself…become God.

And that you can. You are very much capable of it. You are as normal and capable as others are. Do not let yourself get affected; first. Just keep on moving.

Whatever is coming to your mind do that. But be careful, here the situation is little tricky…you have to keep your mind healthy. If you are keeping your mind healthy; saving yourself from any kind of panic attack or anxiety…only healthy thoughts will come to your mind. You will see the light. 

You have to dedicate yourself for your cause; you have to be serious to come out successfully. You must get whatever you want from life. And if you are not getting your desired result…Just Pick It Up. It is yours

But always remember…Time runs too fast. Stay with the time; stay here. You will realize that you are moving with the time. Someone once rightly said, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’…you have to hurry up.  
  • Float; effortlessly. 
  • When you are chasing your goal…become the chase. 
And in never loose your heart...when nothing helps, when nothing moves. when God refuses to listen...cast a deep glance within will find- You are God...

And whatever you want from life…Just Pick It Up.  

Rest is in nest Article, on this subject….


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marriage, Divorce, Separation and You

Anticipate your worst situation, which will destroy your married life. 

Remember, this you are merely anticipating; this you are imagining in a worst possible way…’if such situations occurs, how I’ll react; how I shall solve it?

Talk to yourself; discuss with your partner- then take The Oath.

The famous line, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’…broken on earth. 

You might feel that divorce, or separation is the only solution, of your troubled married life. You might be right in your own way. Actually...your trouble starts here. 

After your divorce, same problem with different shape, in disguise…will follow you. You go on giving divorce after divorce; you go on being separated again ‘n again…there is no ending…your trouble stays with you. 

You might get relief, after your divorce, or separation…that is also there. It is better to end a bad marriage… that is also true.
Decide before you marry…two people have taken oath; to stay together for rest of the life. All over, it’s a custom to take oath, of staying together, before you marry.

After your divorce/separation, sometimes you wish to come back again…then it is too late. Time moves fast…move with the Time. Understand your life; know yourself first…solution is within you. 

You consult Marriage Consular. 

Your answer is within you…not with your marriage consular. Every person has his/her own way of thinking…it might not match with your thought…consult your partner, instead. Take a mutual decision. 

In-between your ego and your togetherness; what is more important…that both of you have to decide. Children are more important, or you ego…that you both have to decide.  Whatever are the reasons behind your divorce/separation…you have to weigh the priority, and then take the decision.  

Whether you are a bachelor, or you are married...stress; problems, sometimes total failure, come in your life. Understand your problems, accept it, and solve it. How to solve it, that you have to decide.

  • Do not run away from your duly.
  • Give much time to your family; understand each others need.
  • Give space to each other.
  • Do not make it suffocated.

 God has sent you, on this earth, to perform certain duties. He has also put hurdles on your way. If a bad phase has entered your life…accept it.

Keep yourself at others place, and then you would have reacted, in such a situation? You will get the answer.  

Both of you start Meditating. Meditation is the only answer. Take care of each other. Take each others advice. And then take a wise decision.

  • Go for an outing together.
  • Look at other people’s life.
  • What is ugly, drop it completely.
  • Divert your mind…stubbornness will harm you; it will not solve your problems.
  • Stay flexible.
Look at the brighter side of the life. Start taking interest in each others need. Change the color of your bedroom.

Start living together…for others satisfaction. Togetherness will give you a new life. You will start understanding life, in a better way. Avoid divorce or separation…Enjoy Life….   


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yoga, Stress, Confidence and You

Write something new, healthy…Do Not Follow. You can create. You can create whatever you want. God is continuously whispering into ears…you are not listening. Yes, you can create.

You are not listening, you are not here…you are somewhere else, in future, searching how to become happy in life? 

There exists a Jesus; a Buddha; a Krishna… in all of us...what happens to them, can happen to you, what came to them...can come to you. God has given you the power of Self must realize this.

Your stress will not go. Something disastrous has happened in your life. It is natural, you will be stressed. It is natural you will try to come out of it. You start finding the way. 

You stress will not go. Some of you, might appear confidence, sure that you will come out of it soon. That is a good sign. Your stresses do not go…it keeps coming back to you. Your confidence is shaken. 

You are not here. You are in your future, setting your goal. Setting goal, and make an effort to achieve it…is a must. Absolutely nothing is happening in your life, you are at a total loss. Your confidence is shaken…you are stressed. What to do? The only obstacle before you is…you are not here.

While setting your goal, or while making an effort to achieve your goal…you are at the end, anticipating; imagining the happiness…how it will feel, when you will become successful...Stay here.

  • Do not go anywhere. 
  • Do not do anything.
  • Stay here.
Talk to yourself. People will think…you are mad. Let them think, whatever they think, do no snatch their right of thinking.

Do not react…you should always only Act. Reaction is old; used…Act is always fresh…always Act. This will be your first step towards Creation. Stay in the journey; do not reach the end, before. 

And to realize what you are…Meditation is a must. Whatever ways are coming to your mind, regarding how to meditate…let it come, accept it. Follow it seriously. You are the best teacher…teach yourself- And in the process…become the process.

Meditation is great power. Yoga helps a lot.

There are many ways of performing Yoga. There are many yogic posture; in Yoga. You can join any yoga classes, of your choice. You can do it yourself, if you know it. Better learn first. Yoga is a part of Meditation.  

Whatever you are doing, Yoga or Meditation…self discipline is a must. And the most important part of it is…stay here.

God is whispering into your ears, all the time, that- “I am the Creator, I have created you, in-between, you and me…there is no AND, I am in you.”

Yes you can create. Listen to you inner voice. Listen to the silence. Your Stress, in-spite of your disastrous situation, merges into you, and it will become your Strength.  

Just keep on listening… The Whisper....   


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