Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yoga, Stress, Confidence and You

Write something new, healthy…Do Not Follow. You can create. You can create whatever you want. God is continuously whispering into ears…you are not listening. Yes, you can create.

You are not listening, you are not here…you are somewhere else, in future, searching how to become happy in life? 

There exists a Jesus; a Buddha; a Krishna… in all of us...what happens to them, can happen to you, what came to them...can come to you. God has given you the power of Self must realize this.

Your stress will not go. Something disastrous has happened in your life. It is natural, you will be stressed. It is natural you will try to come out of it. You start finding the way. 

You stress will not go. Some of you, might appear confidence, sure that you will come out of it soon. That is a good sign. Your stresses do not go…it keeps coming back to you. Your confidence is shaken. 

You are not here. You are in your future, setting your goal. Setting goal, and make an effort to achieve it…is a must. Absolutely nothing is happening in your life, you are at a total loss. Your confidence is shaken…you are stressed. What to do? The only obstacle before you is…you are not here.

While setting your goal, or while making an effort to achieve your goal…you are at the end, anticipating; imagining the happiness…how it will feel, when you will become successful...Stay here.

  • Do not go anywhere. 
  • Do not do anything.
  • Stay here.
Talk to yourself. People will think…you are mad. Let them think, whatever they think, do no snatch their right of thinking.

Do not react…you should always only Act. Reaction is old; used…Act is always fresh…always Act. This will be your first step towards Creation. Stay in the journey; do not reach the end, before. 

And to realize what you are…Meditation is a must. Whatever ways are coming to your mind, regarding how to meditate…let it come, accept it. Follow it seriously. You are the best teacher…teach yourself- And in the process…become the process.

Meditation is great power. Yoga helps a lot.

There are many ways of performing Yoga. There are many yogic posture; in Yoga. You can join any yoga classes, of your choice. You can do it yourself, if you know it. Better learn first. Yoga is a part of Meditation.  

Whatever you are doing, Yoga or Meditation…self discipline is a must. And the most important part of it is…stay here.

God is whispering into your ears, all the time, that- “I am the Creator, I have created you, in-between, you and me…there is no AND, I am in you.”

Yes you can create. Listen to you inner voice. Listen to the silence. Your Stress, in-spite of your disastrous situation, merges into you, and it will become your Strength.  

Just keep on listening… The Whisper....   


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