Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meditation Techniques, Mind Control and You...

The Mind is unique. It keeps on creating a suitable situation for you. It keeps controlling you all the time. 

Suppose you are into meditation; after some time or after a few years you start feeling that you have renounced everything, and now you are enlightened; nothing affects you. Happiness and sorrow; bad days and good days are same to you. You are aware now; even you think that you have witnessed God and you have spoken to him; this is ridiculous; stay alert, your mind is playing games.

The Mind is conning; mind is an expert in camouflaging. Mind is an expert in deceiving. You have learnt meditation; now you can sit at one place, concentrating at one object hours together. Naturally if you sit at one place hours together concentrating at one single object; you feel relaxed. 

After some time, or after a few days your situation is the same. You are disturbed; and you need meditation; and this goes on till your last breathe. 

The Mind has been playing with you all through life; all through your life you have been living your life through your mind; you are totally in control of your mind; mind keeps creating allusion; and believing and taking it as natural happening you g on living your life on a false note. 

Reality never touched you, the real beauty of life, real pleasures of life, you never enjoyed; because you have lived through your mind. Other cells of your body are dead; because you never cared to look through that. So, you keep on leading a false life. 

If you wish to enjoy; if you wish to live real life; you have to live your life through your entire body; each and every cell of your body has to respond. And for that; you have to control your mind. Your mind should be in your control; no more false notes; allusion. 

Concentrate on your breath; each and every breath of your life is giving life to you; concentrate on your breath. Take life easy; do not become too serious, the day you become serious; you are dead. 

Play with your life; play is a beautiful word; just play. The most beautiful part, of living life this way, is; you never grow old; all the time you are energetic. You live your life in reality; no more false notion; allusion. Now whatever is there with you is real.

Now for meditation you do no need to sit in one place for hours together; you do not need to concentrate on a single object; you do not need concentration at all. Actually when real Meditation happens to you; when awareness comes to you; when you become aware, you will realize; that you do no need Meditation.

And the day you reach this state when you become aware, you will come to know that this is Techniques of Meditation. 


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