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Set Goals...How To Take Sucess and Failure in Life

Applause never keeps me high, criticism never pull me down... I know where I am....

Success and failure happens... and happening has no criteria. Whatever has to happen, will happen. You cannot change; you cannot understand the move of the Universe.

There are many examples, reasons for success and failure. Failure is always caused by certain reasons like... lack of focus, wrong decision wrong approach and many. And like that success, too, comes through various methods like, hard works, right decision, right approach and many.

How universe moves is a mystery... never try to unfold it.

Success gives everything...happiness, respect, to become successful. Failure takes away everything...happiness, respect everything. Failure also provokes others to advice you, show you the reasons why you failed. And once you start peeling a hair...there is no end.

Whether you are successful or you are a failure... you get the answer after getting the result. And result is not in your hand. You always have to wait for it. Result is unknown...result is always a mystery. And you want to posses it...through various reasons, through various methods.

Become happy when you are successful or become sad when you are unsuccessful...this is natural, there is nothing to worry about.

How to get rid of this pain when you are unsuccessful...become the pain. Now you have to find the reason, the source...the reason behind success and failure. You must know...what is right and what is wrong. And you journey starts in knowing the unknown.

You can only conceive an idea, as per you intelligence, as per your knowledge. You might feel that you have the might appears to you that you have discovered the truth. Your discovery is bond to differ. 'Cause every person has different idiosyncrasies. Everybody is a philosopher in their own way. Everybody has a mind to think, to analyze. And precisely, here lies the problem...the mind. You start trying to unfold the great mystery. You start trying to know the unknown. And you start missing the point.

You are busy reading books; applying various are busy finding the reasons of success and Failure. And you come to decision...this is the hard, right decision, right time, give total submission and many.

Everyone gives his/her best effort. Yes, you should always go on hitting the target; give your best. And then wait for the result. One fine morning you will become happy.

What will happen if you are scared, stressed. Your happiness is short are worried about you future. The more you try to control your destiny...the more restless you become.

Meditation makes you strong from inside. When you are into meditation you are confident...come what may nothing can shatter you. It is important how you are planning your game. Concentrate on your game and...just play.

The thing which is not in your go on chasing that-and you keep missing the game. Stay not run, give your best effort...just play. Applause never keeps me high criticism never pull me down...I know where I am- it happened to me, it can happen to you.

Everything is inside have to just look at yourself- - a very deep, penetrating look. Sometimes it does happen that you do not get desired results.

Set goals. The moment this thought comes to you...your mind starts searching the goal for you. You fix a goal for you...and now you are there in the future. How to set goals, how do you set goals...and now the goal setting process starts.

How you will be happy without achieving your goal? When you do not make it, you are sad. And when you make your goal, you become restless to keep it for ever?

How to set goals becomes a major job in your life. Goals to make in life become important to you.
First you must understand... what is a Goal?

Goal is happiness...and happiness can never be achieved... What to do? You can feel cannot make it. Achievement is always in future...Happiness is always here, within you. It is always happening here. Here and Now...but you are in the future, achieving goals. Each and every breath of yours is pure, healthy. Have you ever paid attention do you breathe?

Breathe is continuously happening here. And you are in the future...thinking to become something, thinking to become like somebody, then you will be happy- it is absurd.

Yes, you must set goals. Your goal is within you...a goal to make is happiness and happiness is here, within you. What is goal- - understanding life is the only goal.

And this is goal setting process. To realize self is the biggest goal, you must know...who you are? What is your duty...understand first. If not getting must set a target. Behave the way you wish. Apply whatever devices come to your mind. And during the journey...just play, do not start thinking about the result.

Mystery of the universe is unknown...enjoy the beauty of the mystery. A great wind is blowing, a great shake is happening, inside you, and you are busy searching the reason or causes of Success and failure.

Stay cool, confident mix little aggression...but little, aggression can become fatal too, it should be under your control. Whatever is coming to you Success or Failure- - accept both, with a grace.

Enjoy your life. What is going to happen next are not aware of. How will you set goals? How you will plan your next move?

Desire to make something; being ambitious and seeing healthy- you must. If you are not sensitive, if you are not a cannot understand life.

Set goals; how do you set goals; goal setting process...understand first, make it full of life...How?
Understand, know...what is life? You do not have to anywhere to get the answer...look within. Unless you understand will you understand life?

Your answer is very much you. And you are searching it in your future...through various methods.

You must know the answer. Yes. goal is happiness.

The day you realize this, you will feel...that your entire being is meditated. And you will get the are above success and failure- You have met your goal....


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